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The Existing Earliest Monograph on Midnight and Noon Class

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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The Midnight and Noon Class is a kind of treating method of the acupuncture on time day by day. It composed by the ancients who have collected 10 Celestial Stems, 12 Earthly Branches, the Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and the Five Points according to the daily acupuncture rules of the human body vitality, the internal organs, the channels and collaterals, which is a valuable heritage of classical acupuncture theory of Chinese medicine.


The origin of the Midnight and Noon Class is based on the theory of “People Corresponds to Heaven” in Huang Di Nei Jing, and the Yin and Yang as well as the Five Elements theory. According to historical records, Bianque, who lived in the Chinese Warring States period, had written a volume of Midnight and Noon Scripture, Huangfu Mi wrote and edited The First and Second Acupuncture Scripture in which he had repeatedly discussed the flow of the Five Points and their relationship with the seasons in later Jin Dynasty, and some doctors had also mentioned the flow of the Midnight and Noon Class in Sui and Tang Dynasty. As it turns to the reign of Jin, He Ruoyu from Nantang (a toponym) introduced and advocated the Midnight and Noon Class in his three volumes of Liu Zhu Zhi Wei Lun and Liu Zhu Zhi Wei Zhen Fu, and Yan Mingguang from Changshan who lived in the same dynasty appreciated Liu Zhu Zhi Wei Zhen Fu written by Mr. He very much, so he wrote the notes for Liu Zhu Zhi Wei Zhen Fu and edited Midnight and Noon Class Acupuncture Scripture (approximately 1153-1163) based on the selected materials from many writers, which is the existing earliest monograph on Midnight and Noon Class.


Midnight and Noon Class Acupuncture Scripture is divided into 3 volumes. The first volume includes Liu Zhu Zhi Wei Zhen Fu, The Map of Channels and Collaterals, Human Qi Discusses, and Chart of The Flow of Channels as well as The Flow of The Main 12 Channels and Collaterals; the second volume includes Chart of 66 Acupoints on Hands and Feet, General Theory of Three Yang and Three Yin, Regular Acupuncture Map (lost), The Acupoints in the Main 12 Channels and Collaterals (lost), The Theory of Three Jiao and Two Jing, Wu Zi Yuan Jian Ri Shi Song; the last volume includes 60 Acupuncture Song, The Five Elements Song and so on. The book emphasizes that the flow and opening of human blood and Qi in the channels and collaterals changes along with the varying days, hours, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, which systematically elaborates the theoretical principles of Midnight and Noon Class with the concrete methods so as to establish the theoretical system of Midnight and Noon Class. Therefore, it has a noticeably important status in the history of the development of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion.


There are many similarities between the Midnight and Noon Class and the time therapy based on biological clock theory which emerged in modern times, whose theoretical thoughts and scientific value are widely arousing many domestic and foreign scholars' attention and research interest. Chinese modern medical research indicates that there are several dozens of circadian rhythm in the human body. And the investigation proved that most severe hepatitis patients died at Hai Hour and Zi Hour, while least at Wu Hour; most heart disease deaths happened at Mao Hour; most tuberculosis deaths happened at Wei Hour. Therefore, it is obvious that the Midnight and Noon Class is of the important value and significance in the aspect of dialectical treatment and therapy.

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