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Sending Gift of Electro Acupuncture is Sending Blessings

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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The Most Fashionable Gift of New Year
Joyful Festival Coming Sending Gift Sending Blessings Sending Health
When spring festival is coming, in order to acknowledge old and new consumers’ long-time deep love and concern the Bluelight Company recently presents to public Electro Acupuncture Instruction Disk grandly after the Health Therapeutic Guidebook. This brings warmth to the old and new consumers in this extremely cold winter.
Bluelight Electro Acupuncture is invented by many specialists through constant creation, it is the high-tech medical treatment production which can satisfy public health demand and it constantly receives fondness from consumers. This is because the therapeutic effect of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Electro Acupuncture is good; moreover, the more important reason is Bluelight Company attaches importance to the interest of consumers, always concerns the demand of consumers, enables the consumer spend little money and completely recovered and resolve the essence problem that seeing doctor is hard and the medicine is expensive.
After some surveys, we discovered that many middle-ages and old people still got some problems in the process of using the therapeutic apparatus and they need guidance. The high-level of the company resolutely decided to present to public Bluelight Electro Acupuncture Health Therapeutic Guidebook Disk’s twin---Instruction Disk.
The whole course content of Bluelight Electro Acupuncture Instruction Disk (bilingual: Chinese and English) is guided by famous Traditional Chinese Medicine specialists, the commentary is live explained orally by country first rank announcer and the image is shooted and produced by senior cameraman.
It introduces the Bluelight Electro Acupunctureof each type from panel board introduction, preparation work, instruction during using process one by one, it is easy to learn, it is easy to use and it is easy to understand; the voice is gentle, seeing and hearing effect is good, it is the best form complete set tool of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus’s operation and use.
To get detail information please click Bluelight video website:www.BL263.com
From 4th, February,2008, the old and new consumers of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus will be given the Bluelight Electro Acupuncture Instruction Disk, please tell each other.
Consumer abroad that batch buy Bluelight Electro Acupuncture, please directly contact company’s financial department: Luo Xiaoru Manager
Telephone: 027-87270198 87278968

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