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The Human Electromagnetic Field, Channels and Collaterals

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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As a living organism, the human body is composed by organic cells. And each cell holds the bioelectricity on its membrane, such as sodium ions, potassium ions, calcium ions and etc. As the human body contains charged particles, it is bound to hold a human electromagnetic field formed by the moving charged particles. We only need to determine the existence of the radiation of human electromagnetic wave to prove the existence of the electromagnetic field. We can draw a conclusion that whether there is such an
electromagnetic field then. This work has been done by our predecessors. They have proved the existence of the human electromagnetic field. It is aware that the human holds the biological electricity; the human electromagnetic field has a definite frequency and electrical pulse; and everybody has the same frequency which ranges between 89-91MHZ approximately.

As charged particles are distributed over the whole internal body, the electromagnetic fields composed by them cover the whole body too, which forms a systemic human electromagnetic field.

As modern medical scientists have paid much attention to many systems in the internal body, such as the systems of digestion, secretion, shouting, cardiovasology, nerves, skeleton and connective tissue, the system of human electromagnetic field is the only one that they have neglected. It is different from other human systems. The other systems are formed by substantive tissue and organs, but the human electromagnetic system is based on the human charged particles as its foundational materials. As the human body exists as a whole, the human electromagnetic field has a unified and definite frequency. However, if the human body is divided into various systems and organs, they have their ownelectromagnetic frequencies. For example, the cardiac electromagnetic frequency is just different from the electromagnetic frequencies of other internal organs.

According to the interactive theory of the electromagnetic field, different electromagnetic fields can affect mutually and interact with each other, and if all systems have their own different electromagnetic fields, they can interact with each other then. However, their interactive way between each other is in a different kind from the routes of the interaction between other organs and tissue. For example, if a piece of information transmits from the nerve center in the human nervous system, it must go through the neural stem, the ganglion and the neutral points all along the route.

However, the human electromagnetic system does not have an established route of transmission, and its transmission is in the same way of radio transmission, or it can be said that the transmission itself is just the radio transmission; the only difference is that it happens within the human body. So, the electromagnetic signals can transmit from the toes to the teeth, or the heart. And there is not any tissue or middle courses needed in the transmission, but it works in reality!

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