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12 Massage-Methods on Channels & Acupoints to Keep you young

Amy / 2011-02-21
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From: Regimen and Health Care

1. Combing and scratching the scalp with ten fingers:

Comb and scratch the forehead hairline backward to the hairline behind pillow with ten fingers for 60 times every morning and night, which may promote the blood circulation, prevent cerebrovascular diseases and so on.  


2. Rubbing the palms and face:

Rub both hands to make the palms heated every morning and night, then rub the face for 60 times activate the vitality of the face with the full ruddy color and elastic surface, which may resisting senescence, dispel wrinkles, and refresh the spirit. 


3. Rubbing the ear auricles:

Rub the ear auricles for 60 times every morning and night to make the ears heated with a burning feeling. This method may prevent deafness, tinnitus, other ear diseases and so on (Patients with ear diseases and purulent otitis media were banned to use this method).


4. Knocking the teeth and flipping the tongue:

Knock the teeth for 60 times every morning and night, which may strengthen the teeth to guard against the odontopathy and tooth falloffs and so on; flip the tongue for 60 times every morning and night, which is the benign massage to the brain that may strengthen and protect the brain.


5. Massaging on the neck:

Massage on the neck for 60 times every morning and night, which may prevent and treat cervical diseases, vascular headaches and cerebrovascular diseases.


6. Massaging on the scapular:

The scapular part is the intersection that the three Yang channels of the hands and feet meet. Massage on it for 60 times every morning and night, which may prevent and treat periarthritis and cervical diseases.


7. Massaging the upper arms:

The upper arms are the important parts of the body that they connect both the internal viscera and the external limbs. Massage them for 60 times every morning and night, which is from the upper inside of armpit (Jiquan Point) to the inside of wrist (Neiguan Point); and from the outside of wrist (Waiguan Point) to the shoulder (Jianjing point). This method may dredge the channels of upper limbs and attemper the Qi and blood. It can also effectively treat the diseases of cardiovascular system and respiratory system and the pain of the upper arms.


8. Massaging the side costal regions:

Massage the regions for 60 times every morning and night, which may extend the liver, regulate the flow of Qi, clear the liver and benefit the gallbladder. This method is effective in treating liver and gallbladder diseases, chest pains while breathing and intercostal neuralgia.


9, Massaging on the abdominal acupoints:

Overlap the hands on the umbilical part (Shenjue Point) every morning and night. Massage the part clockwise for a round for 60 times, and then in the same way an anti-clockwise massotherapy for 60 times, which may improve the functioning of digestive system and genitourinary system.


10. Massaging the waist:

Massage the waist (Shenshu Point, Mingmen Point etc.) to make the waist heated every morning and night, which can strengthen the kidney and waist to effectively treat some lumbar disorders, such as lumbago caused by deficiency of the kidney, rheumatic lumbago, ankylosing spondylitis and lumbar disc diseases.


11. Massaging the sacrococcygeal region:

Massage the Bagu Point and the Changqiang Point in the sacrococcygeal region for 60 times every morning and night, which may treat lumbosacral pain and improve sexual functions.


12. Massaging the lower limbs:

Pat the lower limbs from the bottom (Sanyinjiao Point-Xuanzhong Point) to the top (Zusanli Point-Yinlingquan Point), and from the parts under the buttocks (Liangqiu Point- Xuehai Point) to the parts above the buttocks(Fengshi Point-Huantiao Point) for 60 times every morning and night in such a repeated way. This method is typically beneficial to invigorating the blood, regulating the flow of Qi, extending the veins, clearing the blood vessels and improving the functions of the stomach. Soak the feet in warm water (the temperature of water ranges from 42 ~ 45℃ in winter) for 30 minutes before going to bed every night, then repeatedly rub the center of the sole (Yongquan Point) for 60 times after the feet have been dried in the air.

The Yongquan Point is the source of all kidney channels,so rubbing it can effectively warm and invigorate the kidney, benefit the brain and improve the blood circulation.

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