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Seven on the Legs and Feet Health-care Methods Keep Fitness

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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Legs and feet health-care is of great significance for delaying the aging process. There are seven health-care methods on the legs and feet below for your reference.

1. Soaking the feet:
Soaking the feet with hot water, especially with the hot water simmered with cayenne pepper or ginger can quickly expand the blood capillary tubes network of the human respiratory mucosa and accelerate the blood circulation to improve human immunity. But the people who suffer from skin traumas or skin sensitivity must try this method carefully.

2. Massaging:
After soaking the feet, rub the hands to make them heated, then rub the related parts or acupoints of the feet gently with them. The massage can be done on the whole feet or on partial regions. Massage the Yongquan Point (plantar split) or the Taichong Point (behind the first and second toe joints) or the Taixi Point (sunken part between the high point of medial malleolus and the achilles tendon) more, which can prevent or treat dizziness, insomnia, anorexia, gloomy looking, fatigue, hypertension, constipation, etc.

3. Lifting the feet:
Sitting on a stool, lift the both feet 2-3 times to keep the same height with the heart or higher ever day. In this way, the blood circulation of the feet and legs becomes more exuberant, and the blood of the lower limbs that flows back into the lung and heart moves faster, so that the head can obtain the adequate and fresh blood and oxygen, simultaneously the acupoints on the feet can get the benign stimulation. This method is commonly used in the army to eliminate the fatigue rapidly after marches.

4. Rubbing the calves:
Jam one of the leg calves firmly with the both palms, then rub it while rotating it. Rub it in this way for about 20 times for each side, then rub the calf of the other leg in the same way.This method can strengthen the leg strength.

5. Pulling the feet:
Sitting with two legs unbent, the head lowered and the body curved forward, pull the toes and the malleolus joints for 20-30 times respectively with the two hands. This method can exercise the strength of legs and prevent the legs and feet from weakness and powerless.

6. Turning the knees:
Gathering the two feet in a parallel way with the curved knees  squatting downward a little and the both hands putting on the knees, turn the knees all around as in the form of a circle. Turn it left first, later turn it right for about 20 times for each side. This method can treat the asthenia of lower limbs and the pain of knee joints.      

7. Flinging the legs:
With a hand holding the wall or something, fling the leg forward first to make the tip of the toe lift up, then fling it backward to make the tip of the toe turn backward forcefully; keep the instep unbent and the leg stretching straight as far as possible. Keep the upper body straight and upright when flinging the leg. Do it in the turns of the legs for dozens of times. This method can prevent paraplegia, lower extremity weakness and atrophy, numbness of legs and leg cramps.

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