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Two longevity points--Yongquan and Zusanli points

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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We all have two “Longevity Points”: One is the “Yongquan Point”; the other is the “Zusanli Point”. If we often “serve” these two acupuncture points, it may keep the health and prolong the life.

The Yongquan Point is an important acupuncture point of the kidney channels. Frequent massages on this point can increase the sperm, profit the marrow, invigorate the kidney, fortify the Yang and strengthen the muscles and bones. The Chinese medicine thinks that the kidney is an important internal organ which manages the growth and development as well as reproduction. Sufficient kidney sperm can make the body grow normally with the keen ears, sharp eyes, clear head, agile thought, glossy black hair, powerful sexual function. Otherwise, insufficient kidney sperm can bring about the hypomnesia, worn out and aching waist and knees, difficult walking, low virility and fading before senescence.

The Yongquan Point is located in the sole, which is in the front 1/3 part of the foot, just the hollow place when curving the toes. The specific method: Sitting with the legs crossed before going to sleep every night, massage the two-sided Yongquan Points with the both hands or press it with the curved fingers with a suitable strength which can make the points feel acid and swelling. Do it for 50 to 100 times every time. It can strengthen the kidney function naturally if we can persist in doing it for many years.

The Zusanli Point lies below the outside knee for 10 centimeters. Covering the patellae with our own palms of the five fingers facing downward, the point is just in part of the middle finger. The Zusanli Point is an important acupuncture point of the stomach channels.

As we know stomach is a “warehouse of provisions” of the body, and only the food is digested, decomposed and absorbed promptly in the stomach, the other organs of the human body can obtain the sufficient nutrient then, and we can be healthy and energetic by this. Therefore, the quality of digestion in the stomach is extremely important to us. The Zusanli Point can take on this important responsibility.

Treating on the Zusanli Point by moxibustion frequently can not only nourish the spleen and the stomach to prompt the food to be digested and absorbed as soon as possible; strengthen the immunity function of the human body; improve the body's natural resistance to remove harmful factors, but also can relieve the fatigue and restore the physical strength to cause the spirit to glow and keep the youth.

People will expect the longevity if he treat on this point by moxibustion each month for 10 times or for 20 minutes as a time everyday.  If there is not any moxa in the house, we can press the Zusanli Point by the knuckles, and it may also achieve the same effect.

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