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The three Erroneous Views of Young People in Treating Myopia

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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How does myopia form?

Most medium and low myopia cases develop in relation with the excessive use of short sight in the eyeballs development period.

The myopia is in the high speed period of development when a man is 12~18 years old, but this is just the period that young people’s intellectual curiosity is intense, they read many books and the homework is busy, and further because they watch the television for a long time, play the computer games and video games and so on, their outdoor activities are reduced obviously, they are at the shortsighted condition for a long time; Some people even neglect the eye health, they do not pay attention to the distance and the posture when reading; do not pay attention to the illumination and the time, which makes unhealthy using of the eyes and excessive short sight at the age with the eyeballs’ developmental stage. Under this condition, the eye myo continually contracts for a long time, which forms the adjustment convulsion first, later it will further develop into the myopia.


Three Big Erroneous Views in Treating Myopia:


Erroneous View 1: The myopia should be matched a pair of glasses first

As the child's sight drops, many parents first select and match the eyeglasses for the child, however, the child's sight is still dropping unceasingly. The professional pointed out that passes the traditional eyeglasses matching method can only be able to rectify in optics, but there’s no treatment function to myopia. Moreover, if the optometry is not precise, or the lens quality is not good, the glasses can aggravate the degrees of myopia instead.


Erroneous View 2: The surgery treats myopia of young people

Experts point out that many myopia cases of the child and the young people belong to the low degree myopia and the pseudomyopia. If just for quickness to use the laser surgery to treat, it is very possible to make a series of sequelae of the eyes burst into tears easily, vertigo, or exhausted when meeting the glare and so on.


Erroneous View 3: The eyedrops can treat myopia

As many young people are shortsighted, they tend to use eyedrops for a long time for treatment, but ophthalmological experts point out that although the eyedrops treatment can alleviate the eye strains rapidly in a short time, it is unable to solve the nearsightedness. Moreover, the eyedrops have a significant irritating quality to the eyeballs, and the dependence of long-term use is big, which is not suitable for the young people for a long-term use who are being in the period of growth.

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