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Magic Bluelight therapeutic apparatus

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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Magic Bluelight therapeutic apparatus

uthor: Xiao Shuxiang     

Male     70-year-old    

ID Card: 422431360317441

Address: 5th Group, Xingguang Village, Wenji Town, Zhongxiang
I am a retired teacher in Zhongxiang City, 70-year-old, I used Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus, my feeling is - fantastic!
1. The hospital patients wish it, "Bluelight" is usually therapeutic apparatus 
I have a colleague suffering from heart disease too slow. In a large hospital, unconscious and died. Before dying, a very sober-minded, their solution to the toilet urinate, said the sentence : "I will be a drowsy." This sleep, I never wake up.
I also have a history of being too slow heartbeat. In July 2004, my heart per minute can jump 40 times. (Normal people every 70 minutes or so), feeling dizzy, the body had become weak.
Even a bicycle can not be moved. Ray quickly advisory company hotline immediately expert guidance of death of three point: Shu, within clearance Zusanli. The day I use this only for three point two, a miracle on the scene : the first is not lost consciousness, not legs weak, the people are feeling the spirit. Then I went for two months, beating heart nearly normal. Dizziness, unsure of the symptoms completely disappeared. Ray Pop therapeutic apparatus so the effect is magical!
2. Many incurable diseases "Bluelight" has magical effect
My prostate defects: frequent urination, urinary bifurcation. Some experts said that it is a worldwide problem. Injection and medicine are hard to be effective. I am in contact with electromagnetic perineum, very, Kuan Yuan three relievers way in urine improve soon. In particular, the two electromagnetic contactor on the same time on the perineum, the shares immediately feel the current flows, feel very comfortable. Only a few days after treatment, the symptoms feel better. I row for more than two months, no bifurcation of urine, frequent urination, urgent urination phenomenon has greatly improved the physical condition also will be enhanced.
My brain vascular impaired, eyelids heavy, drowsy, dizzy, a day to sleep. Ray used in the treatment of LI 4, foreign customs, the wind pool, Shenshu, the Yongquan relievers such as a release, as long as a few seconds, I feel the root causes of direct current. His head chefs feel sober mind immediately, Coventry suddenly seems to be dominate. I do therapy for a month or more, like-for-like individuals, the spirit is exceptionally good.
My husband dizziness years, the daily 6:00 minutes dizzy even to get up, oral tranquilizer Bunao such drugs for more than a year, to no avail. With Bluelight instrument governing the treatment of a few weeks, the symptoms are quietly disappeared.
3. The pain patients with "Bluelight" face-to-face results
At home I often free treatment for farmers. Some farmers do heavy work caused acute lumbar sprain, could not endure the pain, in such cases were based on my waist, Point-to middle-appointed administration, on the spot said with a smile: "the commercialized."
There are farmers in straw piled on the tractor, careless tractor face upward from the air falls to the ground, his back pain became. I am not sure the beginning, I do not know how we go about governance. One would think about, I thought of two ways: first Du line running from top to bottom, and then use the "Back Commission seeking" approach. So I first rule Dazhui -- Mingmen-line and then rule Shenshu, commissioned Medium Point. Such a rule, the patient said: "a lot of pain."
There are some common omarthritis, cervical disease, low back pain and other pain patients, using the Bluelight spot results.
For effective treatment of pain in the spot here will repeat the above-mentioned 1:00 know-how: the first link with therapy, then the relevant point on the treatment.
I think using the Bluelight instrument has two advantages: First, can save a lot of drugs; the second is a fast and peasant brothers like it.

Hope Bluelight therapeutic apparatus can bring more to patients.

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