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Which points in life should the Asthma Patients be noticed?

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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First, the arrangement in the ward. The ward requests good ventilation without dust, smog, gas, paint smell and any other stimulants. The temperature and humidity should be suitably regulated to prevent asthma patients from catching a cold. The bedding should be moderate in warmth; the bed should have a seat back to support the body in order to apply in the situation that they cannot lie. There should not be feathers or old cotton wools sacked in the pillow in order to prevent them from the allergy caused by inhaling these materials. There should not be flowers and plants in the ward to avoid the pollen stimulation or the outbreak of asthma aroused by the fragrance.


Second, the diet. When the asthma gets an acute outbreak, it would be better to take fluid food. Light-flavored foods are better and avoid the cold foods and drinks. It would be better to have many meals of a little food for each, and not to overeat in order to avoid causing the asthma outbreak. Pay attention to the supplements of water; avoid eating allergenic food. Certain foods are the important factors that frequently initiate asthma, such as wheat, eggs, milk, meat, tomatoes, chocolates, fresh fish, shrimps, and crabs that all may cause asthma. Therefore, asthma patients usually need to pay attention to the diet and understand which kinds of food can initiate asthma. Once it has been discovered and confirmed that some kinds of food can truly stimulate asthma outbreaks, they should avoid eating the food as possible as they can. But it is not necessary to be excessively careful. Eat the food that does not cause asthma as usual. If they dare not to eat any kind of food, it will make the diet too monotonous and tasteless, and it would cause the malnutrition in the long run, which will cause the drop of the organism resistivity. This is by no means a beneficial factor to asthma itself.


Third, the avoiding of certain foods. This should be performed according to the individual characteristics. The babies and infants should be vigilant to the foreign body protein; the old should eat little greasy food. When asthma attacks, they should pay attention to the supplements of water and eat light-flavored fluid food to avoid the aggravation of breath difficulty caused by dehydrating or the thick phlegm that cannot be coughed out. The medicine and oxygen should be prepared. When there are the prodromes or mild outbreaks, experienced patients can promptly inhale the aerosol that can treat asthma like Shuchuanling and so on. But it is not suitable to take much aerosol if the outbreak is serious, otherwise it can affect the heart function. In this case, they should contact a specialized doctor for consultation and help right away.

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