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The Attentions of the Kidney Stone Patients’ Diet

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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Kidney stone disease is formed by the crystal substances in an excessively saturated condition (because some physiological abnormal factors in the body has led to the increased density or the decreased solubility of some crystal substances in the urine) that are analyzed in crystallization and combine with the organic matrix to form the nucleosomes, then the crystal bodies grow, accumulate, and finally form the stones in the partial kidney.


 Which food kidney stone patients can’t eat? Which food they can eat?


There are several kinds of kidney stone diseases, in which most common kidney stones are composed by the calcium salt primarily, and the recrudescence probability of this disease is very high, so it can frequently recur after it is healed. In order to reduce the recrudescence probability, the diet control is especially important. The patients must pay attention to following points in the diet:

1. Increasing the ingestion quantity of calcium: Many people may have the question: Why must we ingest more calcium as kidney stones are composed by the calcium salt primarily? Because enough calcium can combine with the oxalic acid, and then discharges through the excrement according to the research demonstration, so that it can reduce the absorption of calcium by the intestinal tract, certainly it can reduce the opportunity of the production of kidney stones. Therefore, drinking much milk will not increase kidney stones, but it is helpful to reducing the probability of the production of kidney stones instead.     


2. Reducing the ingestion of oxalic acid: The foods which include much oxalic acid, such as spinach, tea and so on must be eaten less.


3. Reducing the ingestion of sodium: The diet must be light, the canned food and processed food must be eaten as less as possible. Eat more foods that include potassium, like bananas and so on.


4. Reducing the ingestion of meats: Reduce the ingestion of animalistic protein, this may reduce the probability of the production of kidney stones.


5. Drinking more water and doing more exercises: Drinking more water can accelerate the catabolism of salt in the urine, so the patients should at least drink 3000C.C water every day. Doing more exercises can reduce the outflow of the calcium in the bones, so as to reducethe production of kidney stones.


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