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Shaking off the Erroneous Zone of Treating Diabetes

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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1. The incorrect medication opportunity

 Diabetes is a lifelong disease, but it shouldn’t medicate the diabetes patients immediately when discovering the disease. For the patients without any symptoms, a final diagnosis cannot be based on one examinational result. After the first discovered blood sugar ascension, it should examine it again 1-2 weeks later. If the blood sugar is higher than 7.8mmol/l with empty stomach or the blood sugar is higher than 11.1mmol/l after taking meals, it should be considered as diabetes. After the diagnosis has been made clear, if the blood sugar is low when examining without any symptoms, it may be treated by the non-medicine method treatment through losing weight, a reasonable and scientific diet, physical training or giving up smoking and drinking and so on. If the blood sugar can be controlled well, this way may be maintained; if it is invalid yet, then the disease should be treated by the medicine of oral administration.

2. The treatment as early as possible

 After the diagnosis of diabetes has been made clear, many people do not pay much attention to it because they have discovered their diabetes through physical examinations. They still keep an irregular life and diet, not mention willing to take the medicine. According to the clinical treatment, the earlier the patients are treated, the better the effect is, the lower the expense is, and many patients can get rid of the medicine for a long time after they have restored the health. The later the patients are treated, the worse the effect is, the higher the expense is, meanwhile as a result of the occurrence of many kinds of complication, the difficulty in the treatment becomes bigger; the medication becomes increased and the cycle of restoration becomes longer.

3. Stop medication without authorization, change the medicine frequently

 Diabetes is a chronic disease, and the cycle of treatment is long. Some patients have got only one examination of the normal blood sugar, they arbitrarily decrease the medicine then, even stop the medication, which not only causes the blood sugar to elevate once more, simultaneously the unstable blood sugar can bring a more serious influence to the internal organs of the body. However, if the condition is in long-term stability, the patients may gradually decrease the times of medication or adjust the dosage under the doctor's instruction.

At present, there is a large variety of the medicine which can lower the blood sugar, the Chinese and western medicine both have certain curative effect to the controlling of the blood sugar. The diabetic patients must select the medicine under the doctor’s instruction. The medication should consider the diabetic patients’ length of the course of disease and seriousness of the condition as well as whether there is the complication and so on, simultaneously, the patients who tend to take the Chinese medicine must follow the “Four Diagnoses and Eight Principals” of the Chinese medicine to take the dialectical treatment so as to achieve the best result of treatment.

 4. Sole dependence on medicine, neglecting the regulation of life

 Diabetes is a disease which is closely linked to the life, the regulation of life in the whole treatment holds an extremely important status. Diabetes is related to the factors such as a long-term excessive diet, physical obesity, decreased activities, smoking and drinking and so on. Therefore, both the reasonable regulation of life and possible reduction of the types and quantity of the medicine that lowers the blood sugar can be the definite choices for the diabetic patients.

Special Notice: The "sugar-free food" can not really be used to treat diabetes

The correct term of so-called "sugar-free food" should be "food without adding sucrose", because the original carbohydrate ingredient still exists in the so-called “sugar-free food” in the present market. For example, the "sugar-free powdered milk" only has not mixed the sucrose, but the original lactose has not reduced in the powdered milk; the lactose is still decomposable into glucose and galactose after the digestion.

Other examples are "sugar-free cake" and "sugar-free sweet dumpling served in soup". They are only the cakes and the sweet dumplings served in soup that has not been put in the sucrose. The flour that makes the cakes and the sweet dumplings can still decompose into the glucose after the digestion. So, diabetics should not consider it as the "sugar-free food" just by seeing a "sugar-free"; they should look carefully at the ingredients of the food, because the lactose in milk and the starch in food will finally transform into the glucose. Therefore, the "sugar-free food" can not really be used to treat diabetes.

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