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Bluelight Therapeutic Apparatus Is A Real Family Doctor

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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Bluelight  Therapeutic Apparatus Is A Real Family Doctor

Author: Liu Fenxian     Female     54-year-old    
ID Card: 420300520205031
Phone: 0719-8794694
Address: Liangping School, East Town Development Zone, Maojian District, Shiyan
On June 10, 2003, stroke patients suffering from chronic hemiplegia (left brain embolism), I heard the "Bluelight," The Voice of the idea of holding try to buy a luxury Taiwan Bluelight octagonal therapy machine.
After use, the effect on the day, not the original extension of the right arm can stretch out of. February 19, 2004 also bought a digital instrument, for further treatment. I am sick and unable to care for themselves, the action is very inconvenient to a people very anxious. The Bluelight companies under the guidance of experts, family to me a few months insisted Point Foot reflex treatment and water -- Magnetic therapy, the disease has greatly improved physique has been noticeably enhanced, can walk as many as 10 kilometers, the oldest living. After more than two years of acupoint therapy, hypertension control in the normal range 80/120mmHg, cure sciatica, facial paralysis, insomnia, the refractory dermatitis, ringworm, hemorrhoids, arthritis, and knee fractures and other minor illnesses. Consolidation cured cervical disease, Lumbal vertebra, angina, the pain, cerebral arteriosclerosis, heart disease, constipation, prostatitis. Now little cold, the ability to do some simple housework.
Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus is really a possession, the whole family benefits. My wife last year with a mixed neck Lumbal vertebra, several treatment regimen, is a good 80%; She also cured the pain, eye diseases, allergic dermatitis, gynecological disease, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple cold. My son original cold medicine are not effective service, not a bottle-play, with a cold Bluelight twice curable; His feet long of a dozen corns and foot foam hands after week had healed.
Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus not only for my family to cure disease and save medical costs several thousand dollars, but also for friends and relatives cured of a disease : soft tissue injuries, cervical spondylosis, Lumbal vertebra, omarthritis, headaches, rheumatism, and so on. For example, our village this year more than 70-year-old LiuDejun elderly, suffers from the careless few meters from the high fell after doctors diagnosed as soft tissue injury. It was said that the use of the Bluelight instrument to try titillation, but he does not believe her daughter is capable of curing equipment, and later with injuries to a half months longer can get out of bed. Finally he asked me to treatment, only a treatment, patients can walk out of bed and leaning on a cane. Two treatment, leaning on a cane to walk a few miles on the road, after eight days of treatment on the recovery. They were a particularly pleased, and said : "Bluelight is really quite remarkable!"
I believe that the use of the Bluelight therapy for the treatment of the disease requires patience; To foster confidence : To insisted will be effective; Listen to adhere to the "Bluelight" Voice of expert seminars, learn from each other; Insist foot foam hands; Point-treatment persist; Activation insisted drink water, clean up the garbage gut. Ray is a real good family doctor!

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