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Exercises and Diets Can Lower Blood Pressure step by step

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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From Xinhua Website Nanning, October 7 (Reporter Wang Mian) The reporter recently in Nanning market found that a multitude of names, all sorts of so-called "relief shoes", "blood pressure depressor," "relief watches" ... selling very well, A pair of "relief shoes," is sold for 300 China Yuan.


The businessmen usually exaggerate one-sidedly lowering blood pressure effect, and many people believe that this is true. Some even use this to replace regular medication. Medical experts said that these can at best as "interest in therapy," in addition to drug treatment, in order to smoothly lower blood pressure, the best way is exercising and dieting.


Speaking of hypertension, a number of young people, especially children will rejoice "is okay with me." However, with the improvement of people's living and eating patterns change, Chinese children obesity rate has been increased to 7%, weight is directly related to the blood pressure, the obesity’s incidence of hypertension are three times higher than the people with normal weight. Hypertension in China is tending to developing in the young. Prevention and treatment of hypertension should first be banting.


The old saying goes, the disease gets in through the mouth. Banting is to go on a diet and adjust the diet structure. The obese children’s daily intake of calories should not be more than 1,300 kilocalories. Advocate the consumption of dietary fiber-rich food and coarse grains with low calorie foods, eating more animal and plant protein such as eggs, lean meat, fish, soybean products, etc. which can guarantee physical growth and development of the necessary amino acids to restrict fat intake, eat less fat, butter cake, hamburgers, fried eggs and other pieces. Meanwhile, we should eat less pickled vegetables, bean curd, salted products, because if salt intake is increased for 2 times,the hypertension incidence rate will be increased for two times.


More exercises are beneficial to lowering the blood pressure. Exercises are conducive to the consumption of excessive calories and virtuous circle of metabolism. Pay attention to doing it from the light exercises, and increasing gradually, and for those exercises which are suitable, they must persist in them for a long time, the aged can choose low-intensity exercises, such as tai chi, gymnastics, walking for 15 minutes or an hour, slow swimming and jogging.


Minimal smoking. Smoking has been proven to be the most important risk factor of stroke and coronary heart disease. Smoking cough prompts the increase of adrenaline, arteriosclerosis, accelerating of heartbeats and high blood pressure, moreover nicotine can affect the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs.


Hypertension is a disease which needs lifelong treatment. So exercises and diets and maintains a good state of mind, alternating work with rest, relaxing the mind, can half the work with double results in lowering the blood pressure.

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