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Pay attention to the Prevent Treat Femoral Necrosis

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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1.Association of activity and inertia

Ambulate with two canes as much as possible to reduce the pressure between the acetabulum and femur and increase the blood circulation. Reduce the pressure of weight to the femur to reduce or avoid the collapse of the femur, it is relative inertia. Activity refers to the training of the function of the hip joint, generally without loading, it is very helpful in improving local circulation (According to the study: When the lower extremities outreach mildly and iliopsoas muscles contract, they lead to the increased pressure within the bone marrow for 10-20mmHg. When lift the foot straight, it is found that the pressure between the rotor intramedullary is increased for 5-30mmHg), reducing active osteoclasts and osteoporosis, increasing muscle strength, reshaping hip gap and increasing the hip joint activity range.

2.Recuperating with the diet

Pay attention to the body, and not to be fat with a proper controlled diet.

The diet should be rich in nutrition. Reduce the high fat diet and eating the animal internal organs.

Pay attention to the blood cholesterol; the blood lipid content can not be exceeding.

3.Dropping the bad habits in life

During ischemic femoral necrosis treatment, drinking and smoking must be dropped. Domestic and foreign experts all agree that drinking and smoking do great harm to the health.

Smoking affects the healing of fracture. Recently, the Swiss scientists have researched and confirmed: Smoking prevents the fracture from healing, particularly affects the postoperative osteomyelitis in the fracture healing. Comparing 29 cases of osteomyelitis patients with the surgical X-ray monitor, the research of the growth of their fractures shows: 9 cases of non-smokers form new bones in two months after surgery, and 9 cases of smokers form only a few new bones in two months after surgery.

The culprit which delays the healing of fractures is nicotine. On one hand, nicotine can lead to airway inflammation and affect the air exchange between the body and environment, so that the blood oxygen saturation is dropped; on the other hand, nicotine will make the small blood vessels in vasospasm to prevent the oxygen exchange between small the blood vessels and tissue cells, and the tissue can not produce enough collagen type I in lack of oxygen, and the material is one of the main ingredients indispensable in the new bone formation. American researchers confirmed that the human physiological changes caused by tobacco are reflected mainly in the bone marrow. Smoking significantly decreases oxygen carried by red blood cells, so that the bone marrow has to produce more red blood cells to maintain the oxygen content in the body. A radiologist reports that many types of abnormal blood are related to smoking, the carbon monoxide of high level combines with hemoglobin in the red blood cells in smokers’ bodies, which reduces the oxygen-carrying ability of red blood cells, and the oxygen that gets intothe tissue is also reduced.

It has been an indisputable fact that chronic alcoholism can lead to “ischemic femoral necrosis”. This is proved by the research results of medical scientists. The drunken rabbits get the lipid metabolism disorders, serious injury to the membrane, the small arteries fibrosis and atherosclerosis that lead to ischemia. Meanwhile, the direct cytotoxic effect of the lipid peroxidation and alcohol as well as its metabolites makes the bone cells under hypoxic and ischemic condition experience irreversible changes, such as steatosis, necrosis and increased spatial bone dimples. In addition, excessive drinking would damage the liver cells, resulting in hyperlipidemia and fatty liver. As the fatty material circling around increases to be in fat accumulation, the vessels behind the femoral cartilage will be embolized easily. The drunken rabbits get the fatty substances increased in the femoral marrow and large fatty material deposition in the femoral subchondral bone cells. The trabecular bone becomes small and sparse with a decreasing area. Alcohol also has anesthesia, which reduces the protective function of the body in response to pain. All these things show that dropping alcohol is necessary.

4.Paying attention to safety

Be careful with the feet when walking and pay particular attention to the use of a walking stick. It is necessary to anti-skid to avoid slips and fractures. The use of crutches also requires some skills: there should not be too much force being taken under the armpit in order to avoid damaging important nerves and blood vessels.

5.Fostering confidence and persist in treatment

The treatment of the disease takes a longer time. The curative effect can not be compare unrealistically because everyone’s body constitution and extent of femoral necrosis is different. Some patients’ pain has been significantly reduced after treatment, but the pain recurs later, this could be explained as in the following reasons generally: 1. femoral necrosis cells are being absorbed; 2. the joint has been moved too much. In this case, we can ask a doctor in charge for help in analyzing the causes and prescribing the right remedy, and we must not abandon the treatment easily to waste all the previous efforts.

Not to pursue the recent X-image changes, because the exposure can not be consistent, this can affect the judgment. The individual differences are great, it should relieve the symptoms mainly in the early stage, and relieving or eliminating the pain is the key. Only the partial pain has been relieved, the blood circulation can be improved effectively. Some scholars point out that the elimination of hip joint pain shows that the symptoms have been cured, so whether the pain has been eliminated is a basis for measuring the curative effect (Applying analgesic drugs must be excluded). The 60's olds who suffer from 3-4 phase femoral necroses should focus on delaying the development of the course of disease. They should improve the quality of living and reduce the times of hip replacement, or avoid the hip replacement for life.

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