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The Ways to Prevent the Apoplectic Stroke

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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In Chinese Medicine, we named all kinds of acute cerebrovasular diseases as stroke. 

The main symptoms of stroke include sudden faints, unconsciousness with the crooked mouth, lingual disadvantages and hemiplegia. Because of the high incidence, high mortality, high morbidity, high recurrence rate and many complications of the disease, the medical arena has lined it with the coronary heart disease and cancer as the most three diseases that threats the human health. The importance of stroke prevention has attracted the attention from the domestic and foreign medical arenas, and doctors are exploring the measures of stroke prevention from all aspects.

1. Hypertension is the most dangerous factor in the occurrence of strokes, which is also a central part in the stroke prevention. The blood pressure should be in effective controlling; the long-term medication should be insisted; and the changes in blood pressure should be observed through a long time so as to deal with it promptly.

2. Controlling and reducing the attacks of temporary cerebral ischemia (i.e. a temporary partial limb numbness and weakness or dizziness, diplopia, dysphagia, walking instability and other symptoms) is a key part in the prevention of stroke. Once a little stroke attacks, it must be treated immediately, which may avoid a full bout of stroke.

3. The precursory symptoms of stroke must be attached importance, such as dizziness, headaches, numbness of limbs, dazed somnolence, abnormal personality, Treatment should be taken then to avoid the occurrence of stroke.

4. Eliminate the stroke-induced factors, such as mood undulation, fatigue, excessive force; they should be self-controlled and avoided.

5. Treat the diseases may lead to a stroke promptly, such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, hyperviscosity, sex acts, obesity, cervical disease and so on.

6. The diet must have a reasonable structure. It would be better to eat the low-salt, low fat, low cholesterol food. Eat more fresh bean products, vegetables and fruits. Do not smoke and drink less wine. Daily drinking of alcohol should not exceed 100 ml (liquor). Regularly examine the blood glucose and lipids with a definite aim.

7. Persist in physical training and activities, which can promote the decomposition of cholesterol to reduce the blood fats and the aggregation of platelets, and relieve the mental stress and fatigue.

8. Pay attention to the psychological prevention. Keep a happy mood and emotional stability. Live a regular life and alternate work with rest. Maintain the defecation unobstructed to avoid the dramatic increase in blood pressure to trigger cerebrovascular diseases caused by forceful defecation.

Stroke patients should keep warmth and prevent colds in climate changes; Do not use the brain excessively; Take care when going out to prevent falls; Do daily activities in life slowly, such as getting up, tying shoelaces and so on; The bath time should not be too long; Pay attention to the treatment of the primary diseases and the prevention of the recurrent cerebrovascular diseases. Insist on the treatment and reexamine the essential projects according to different causes of dieases. For preventing a recurrence, pay enough attention to the matters mentioned above.

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