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Ways to Prevent and Treat Coronary Heart Disease

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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In traditional Chinese medicine, Coronary heart disease belongs to the categories of “true heart pain, reversal heart pain and chest obturation”.

It is caused by excessive consideration, devitalization of heart, uncontrolled diet, inner generation of phlegm, depressed emotion, damage of liver and Yin, and a day-by-day reduction of Qi of kidney in senescence with all the symptoms they result such as impairment of heart and Yang, inner stagnation of phlegm retention, sudden pain in the heart and chest, oppressed chest as if in large pressure, or an intermittent episode of colicky pain in the heart and chest accompanied with pain and numbness in the left shoulder and arm, oppressed chest with distention of Qi, palpitation, short breath, increased plasma lipids and an abnormal ECG at rest or after exercises. 

If it is hypercoagulability or hyperlipidaemia in the body, appropriate medication can be used to prevent platelet from aggregation, improve hypercoagulability and lower plasma lipids, but the dietary therapy is even more important. The principles of the dietary therapy for coronary heart disease are supporting healthy Qi and eliminating the pathogenic one, treating both the superficial symptoms and the inner causes of illness, clearing away pathogenic phlegm and removing blood stases, promoting blood circulation in channels, and tonifying Qi and blood. It is medicinal to eat more fresh vegetable and fruits and take in proper amount of meat, fish, eggs and milk, but prohibited from drinking drastic alcohol , coffee and thick tea, and unsuitable to take in the food containing sugar or hot and pungent food. There are several prescriptions of dietary therapy below:

The formula of Three Kernels Congee: respectively 10g of peach kernels, jujube kernels and arborvitae seeds, 60g of polished round-grained non-glutinous rice, 15g of white sugar. The processing method: grind the peach kernels, jujube kernels and arborvitae seeds into powder and infuse a proper amount of water, then boil it with strong fire for 30-40 minutes; remove the residue and take the herb juice, then clean the rice through panning and put it in a wok; pour the juice into the wok, then boil it with strong fire, finally simmer the rice into congee. The administration method: take it when eating as an assistant meal in the morning or evening. Functions: The congee can activate blood circulation and remove blood stases, nourish heart to tranquilize mind, moisten bowels to relieve constipation, which is applicable to oppression in the chest and intermittent colicky pain caused by inner obstruction of blood stases; palpitation, short breath and insomnia caused by heart malnourishment; dry stool, red tongue, or with stases speckles or macules caused by the deficiency of Yin fluid.

The formula of Macrostem Onion Stewed with Pig Heart: 1 pig heart, 150g of macrostem onion, a proper amount of pepper powder. The processing method: clean the pig heart and put it in a wok, next infuse a proper amount of water, then boil it with strong fire until the pig heart become cooked; put in the macrostem onion, then stew it with soft fire until the pig heart become completely soft, finally add flavor. The administration method: take it when eating as an assistant meal. Functions:  it can clear away the obstruction of Yang fluid to disperse accumulation of pathogen, fortify the spleen and benefit the heart and regulate the flow of Qi to promote digestion, which is applicable to obturation, oppression and pain in the chest, short breath, palpitation, insomnia, abdominal distention and pain, dietary irregularities, sloppy stool, pale tongue with thin fur and sunken and intangible pulses  

The formula of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Drink: 30g of salvia miltiorrhiza, 6g of sandalwood, 15g of white sugar. The processing method: clean the salvia miltiorrhiza and sandalwood and put them into a wok, then infuse a proper amount of water; boil it with strong fire, then simmer it with soft fire for 45-60 minutes, finally remove the residue through filtration. The administration method: take it 3 times a day for a dose. Functions: The drink can promote circulation of Qi and blood, nourish blood to tranquilize mind, regulate menstruation to relieve pain, and clear away heat and relieve vexation, which is applicable to increased plasma lipids, abnormal ECG, long-term cardiac oppression with intermittent colicky pain, stases speckles in the tongue body. Additionally, it is also applicable to palpitation, insomnia, vexation and restlessness caused by cardiac blood inadequacy or stagnation, women’s menstrual disorders, emotional discomfort during the menstrual period. 

The formula of Sappanwood and Salvia Miltiorrhiza Medicated Wine: 10g of sappanwood, 15g of Salvia Miltiorrhiza, 10g of pseudo-ginseng, 10g of safflower and 1000g of kaoliang liquor. The processing method: clean the above herbs and dry them in the air, then put them into a bottle containing the liquor, finally seal the bottle with a cap for 15-20 days. The administration method: 10-15 ml each time, 1-2 times a day. Functions: The wine can nourish and activate the blood, remove blood stases to relieve pain, which is applicable to oppression in the heart and chest caused by all sorts of static blood obstruction, coldness and pain in the stomach and abdomen, injuries caused by knocks and falls, stasis swelling and dysmenorrhea.

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