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The knowledge of car inverter

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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What is the inverter?  What's the use of the inverter? 


The inverter is an electronic device which can convert low voltage (12V or 24V) DC into 220V AC. We usually rectify 220V AC into DC for use, but the use of the inverter is just on the contrary, so it is called "inverter". We are in a "mobile" time, mobile office, mobile communication and mobile recreation, we not only need the low voltage DC from batteries or storage batteries, but also need the indispensable 220V AC even more in our daily life, and the WELLSEE inverter can meet your needs of this.

The types of inverters classified by different output waveforms?

Classified by different output waveforms,inverters can be classified into two types: the square wave inverter and the sine wave inverter. The square wave inverter outputs the poor-quality square wave alternating current with the positive maximum to negative maximum produced almost at the same time, so the current can cause severe uncertainty to the load and inverter itself. The sine wave inverter outputs the sine alternating current that is same with our electrical network for everyday use or even better, which can drive any sort of load, and it does not have the electromagnetic pollution in the electric network.

What is the meaning of "Inductive Load"?

In a common expression, Inductive Load means the high-power electrical products which are produced with the application of electromagnetic inducti