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The attentions which should be paid while using WELLSEE Auto

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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When you use Wellsee Automotive Inverter, please pay attentions to the belows:

  • First, please strictly operate the inverter in accordance with the provisions in user's manual.
  • Secondly, the inverter outputs 220V AC, and the 220V AC is in a small space and a mobile state, so it must be especially careful to put it in a safe place (Keep it  away from children especially!) for preventing electric shocks. Cut off the input power when not using.
  • Thirdly, do not put the inverter directly in the sunshine or near the outlet of a heater. The environmental temperature for the inverter's working should not be above 40℃.
  • Fourthly, do not place anything near or above the inverter because it gives out heat when working.
  • Fifthly, do not put the inverter in the rain or get it wet because the inverter should be kept away from water.


What is "Inductive Load"?

In a common expression, Inductive Load means the high-power electrical products which are produced with the application of electromagnetic induction principle, such as electric motors, compressors, relays, fluorescent lamps, and so on. Such products need to be started by the starting current which is much larger (about 3-7 times) than the maintaining current required in normal operation. For example, the starting power can be as high as 1,000 watts or above for a refrigerator which consumes about 150 watts of electricity in normal operation. In addition, the inductive load will produce counter electromotive force voltage at the moment of making or cutting the power, and the peak of this voltage is much higher than the voltage that an automotive inverter can bear, so it is very easy to cause the instantaneous overload of an automotive inverter so as to affect the service life of the inverter. Therefore, such electrical appliances have stricter demands on power supply waveforms.


Can we use an automotive inverter under the circumstances that the engine is shut down?

Yes. In spite of the engine that is shut down, a normal automotive storage battery can supply the electricity for 60-120 minutes for a low-power electrical appliance (below 250 watts), and the time would be even much longer for a laptop computer which consumes 50-60 watts power only. Our pure sine wave inverter is equipped inside with the undervoltage warning and undervoltage protection circuit. When the voltage drops to a certain limit that is caused by long-term using of a storage battery, the undervoltage protection circuit starts to cut off the output voltage and give the alarm, so it can prevent the fault that the engine can not get started because the battery voltage is too low. Therefore, the user can feel safe to use an automotive inverter under the circumstances that the engine is shut down.

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