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WELLSEE Burglar Alarming System Instroduction

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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 WELLSEE Burglar Alarming System is a protective system that uses various detectors of different functions to integrally protect the surroundings, space, environment and people around houses of inhabitants.


 What is the detector ?


The WELLSEE detector uses a sensor to respond to various physical changes and chemical changes with the induction current and pulse signals, and the current and signals drive the RF circuit to send the alarm signals.



What is the door magnet detector? What about the working principle ?


The door magnet detector is used for responding to the opening of doors and windows. There are usually timber door magnet detectors, window magnet detectors, shutter door magnet detectors and iron gate magnet detectors. The working is based on the principle that the magnet can control the opening and shutting of a magnetron. When the two get closer together, the magnetron is in a shutting state. Then, if they are separated at this time, the magnetron will be in an opening state. When a displacement of more than 15 mm between them is detected, the opening signals will trigger the RF circuit to send wireless alarm signals to the main panel of alarm.



The functions of the remote control


Each standard set of WELLSEE alarming system products is equipped with a remote control as they leave the factory. The remote control is used for sending the message of setting up or releasing alarm and emergent help to the main panel. The batteries for the remote control have been installed at the factory. The user should carefully carry the batteries on him lest he lose or lend them.


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