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The Heartless Diseases Make Life Hard, Physical theraphy

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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The Heartless Diseases Make Life Hard, Bluelight’s Physical therapy to Benefit Entire Family

Author: Wu Yanping     Female     53-year-old    ID Card: 422323530113072
Phone: 027-84643016   Address: 301 the 3rd Unit, 4th Building, Wangdaqili Block, Hanyang District, Wuhan
On behalf of my family to thank the Bluelight octagonal instrument invented Lo, for the Bluelight companies of all employees, especially professor of medical ethics, literature, in the Central carefully explain, thank you develop and produce a quality Bluelight Physical therapy, using it not to take medicines and injections, the treatment effect. yee to the disease, but also in how to play the role. Especially for laid-off workers, retiree’s wages were not high in terms of people and solve a lot of problems, benefited.
Take my own thing in terms bar, in August 2001 one day woke up suddenly dizziness, nausea heart, those very tough, like a step behind like cotton; The first not looking up, not rotating, deeply disturbed. The family took me to Hanyang Railway Central Hospital for treatment, once spent more than 500 yuan. When the disease is good, but it's not a recurrence of the illness also add some. Later, my wife brings to 726 at the hospital in Wuchang magnetic therapy, a treatment needs more than 600 yuan, needs two to three courses. I love and have laid off at home, indeed could not afford medical treatment, only fatalistic about it.
In February 2002 the morning, I inadvertently turn on the radio, the player is healthy talk, with a curious feeling Bluelight octagonal listening device for use and effectiveness. Professor Zhou was in the teaching, he gave a therapeutic instrument of use, efficacy and rapidly the disease can be treated. Product efficacy everybody did not spend much money, so I decided to buy a machine. On February 20, 2002, I went to the husband and Wuchang corporation, the employees of our warm reception. Under the conditions tested for a moment, feeling very good results, then it bought a luxury.
After purchasing the equipment, I would by "health treatment guidelines" on the above points and three times a day. Less than a month without my head I was going to faint, walk a spirit of the various adverse reactions have disappeared. Was very pleased, grateful hearts from within the Bluelight companies. From then on, I insist on the radio every day and took notes, recording a lot of valuable information on the preparation of an article, printed pamphlets to my friends. I repeated to the radio week, Professor Luo total feedback I cured the disease to some sources.
Because I insist activation drinking water, a foot foam hands, cervical spondylosis not had a relapse. My wife spent years of angina ray cured, omarthritis, arthritis are cured. Last spring fever wife and son, I say it is fine, a Bluelight house. So I gave them two good enough. Two sons from stomach pain, with a rule like Bluelight, the morning and went to work, and therefore, we have to get a digital Bluelight therapy machine. Since'm Bluelight, buy medicine, has not been to the hospital. My sister often these illnesses it wrong, she did not believe that the beginning, I told her carefully explain that she tested my treatment device also feel very good, but later bought a. Funny My sister is the three-year-old grandson, and one day fever, a shot to go to the hospital, I have to use the Bluelight treatment to him, I put contact with electromagnetic body column, Dazhui, LI 4, spa missing out twice, he was unusually good, not burned. Through these examples, I brother and sister, my brother, my sister bought all the Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus, and they are used very well.
I also help neighbors and friends for gastroenteritis, Lumbal vertebra, a stiff neck, disorientation, not bending the thumb, the children fever, spinal diseases, such as the city, and sometimes also other free home treatment, there has been a marked effect. Therefore, friends, neighbors bought a total of 29 Bluelight octagonal therapy machine.
Here, I, on behalf of the family and friends again Bluelight companies to express my deep gratitude! Thank Hanyang Distribution Department of summer doctor, his work seriously, and to the people sincere enthusiasm. Ray for the masses to bring health, it also brings happiness, I would like to Bluelight companies builders and more glorious tomorrow!

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