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Turning to Bluelight health product when Sick

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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Turning to Bluelight health product when Sick, It Expels Sickness and Keeps Fitness

Author: Li Dequan     Male     72-year-old    ID Card: 420800340903541
Address: The 2nd Group, Mayuan Village, Shenji Town, Shayang County, Jingmen
I was a beneficiary of the Bluelight health product for many years was sick for a while Bluelight is the headman of therapeutic apparatus rescue me, and let me regain health.
I suffer from more than 20 years of knee bone hyperplasia, not bending the knee, wear clothes difficult to care for themselves, because the lumbar compression of the sciatic nerve hyperplasia, my leg muscle contraction one centimeter, the sick can not get out of bed and can not walk bent over. I often felt frustrated lightheadedness, heart palpitations alarmed and not to do heavy work, the old, not bow bent over, a black bow on the front. I also suffer from chronic bronchitis, coughing addiction, it is very hard, prostatitis, arthritis, 4-5 times a night, could not sleep, gastrointestinal absorption poor digestion, absorption difficult nutrition, mental well, often pain, hot and cold, sweet and sour allergies, often gums hemorrhage.
So sick bothered me, I went to many large and small hospitals, injection and medicine, with plaster, but without success, had spent several thousand dollars of money, savings, had lost his health. In desperation, occasionally heard on the radio ray device for titillation, many patients have scored hotline feedback condition improves, I then try holding the mentality in May 2004 bought a digital instrument. Under the "Bluelight health treatment guidelines," the professor notes and lectures, plus bags with heat vinegar do knee knees eyes, a significant effect, telescopic legs can be easily and spinal hyperostosis is pedicure shoes do lumbar colorectal Yu, Yu and other parts of lumbar do Committee, the Central dance commissioned Among Point cure Sciatica, muscle contraction turn for the better, other symptoms in the treatment of lower equipment was improved, physical conditions changed for the better, to work interesting, or the spirit. After three months, all my cure the disease.
Ray Pop therapeutic apparatus, I really heartfelt gratitude, Bluelight artificial majority of the pain was friends bring health, which is good news, I have used therapeutic instrument nearly two years, in addition to cure their disease, some relatives and friends have a cold cure back pain, because very effective, I acquaintances introduced in the village have bought more than 10 Taiwan therapeutic apparatus, as the disease omarthritis, hemiplegia have greatly improved.
I am very grateful to the headman of the Bluelight instrument, like me by the pain of the elderly re - With good health, happiness back, in order to express my feelings of gratitude, I deliberately wrote some traditional formulas, and the majority of the beneficiaries were Bluelight savor:
Bluelight is really good gossip, the sick do not find the doctor.
No shots, no medicine, family illnesses are cured.
Ray Pop functional Coincidentally, really wonderful treatment of diseases.
Podiatry shoes larger Xinshu, Feishu, Shenshu used it.
Contact electromagnetic more compact, influenza nasal Moorehead spring, the days suddenly the most reliable.
Self-adhesive film or not small, treatment LI 4, the wind pool is the best.
Board hyperthermia treatment can supplement the body's energy.
Heat bags function better, magnetic hyperthermia have made.
Massage goggles effect, and wearing goggles so treatment can also read the newspaper and books.
Activated water to a Gallup poll, more-intestinal benefits.
Electromagnetic contact with foam hands, and physical fitness can be dispensed with.

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