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Health Protector&Richness Helper: Diabetes Treatment product

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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Health Protector& Richness Helper: Diabetes Treatment product

Author: Qin Changming    Male     74-year-old    ID Card: 422121320319003
Phone: 0713-8355800  Address: Xinfeng Hospital, 18 West Lake 2nd Road, Huangzhou District, Huanggang
I was a medical worker, 74-year-old, with rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, omarthritis; my wife suffering from lumbar disc herniation, stomach troubles, these diseases bring to us a lot of pain. Kind of illness, taking quite a few detours : medicine, injection, massage, massage, closed traction are used, a lot of money, the small of offenses, wish it on the disease.
In March 2003 the day listening to the Bluelight Diabetes Treatment product for titillation talks, which stresses the disease and, like us, use the Bluelight are cured, we decided to get a try, Huangzhou district also did not sell, so I went to Wuchang Corporation bought a Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus, as bought back the "Baby" Like. Every day thereafter by "health treatment guidelines" for a month later, there was a miracle : suffering from the disease for more than 10 years in succession are cured. Cold, toothache, a rule like volitantes.
Buy the instrument for more than three years, we have never seen the disease go to the hospital, physically strong nation, the last to walk down the stairs on the very difficult day now from top to bottom four floors, six, seven times to care of. Why can achieve such good effect? I think we should do three insisted insisting that sooner or later every day to do two treatment; Persist daily foot foam hands, drinking water activation, insist on time every day listening to the radio talks. 3 that combine treatment with the combination of physical activity, health treatment and prevention of diseases combined; Learning health treatment guidelines with skilled use of Acupuncture combined.
Last year I bought a "Yidiantong" therapeutic apparatus, in March this year bought a multifunctional radiation therapy plate, and healthful massage goggles. With these weapons on the combination therapy together more handy, convenient by. Now we sleep improved, leg joints not cramp, walk more flexible interesting, and I feel very comfortable the. These are Bluelight octagonal instrument gives us a blessing, Bluelight is to protect the health of the family god. Bluelight is really high-tech, high-effect of family therapy machine.
I often these experienced introduce it to my friends and relatives came to me for treatment of patients. By my recommendation, a dozen have bought "Bluelight octagonal therapeutic instrument." I also teach them to use. Through a period of treatment they unanimously praised Bluelight's remarkable, yes Hua Timeless. In medical care, medical costs are very high today, with a Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus health is ensured, not to take medicines and injections without medication kits, a light-hearted Consumers disease. Bluelight to save tens of thousands of yuan to the cost of treatment, and is willing to Bluelight octagonal develop therapeutic apparatus, the public, known!


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