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Applying Bluelight skin care product

blue-light / 2011-02-22
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Applying Bluelight skin care product, The Curative Effect to Be Stronger

Author: Dai Gang     Male     73-year-old    ID Card: 420106193309175219
Phone: 027-87400358  Address: 502, the 2nd Unit, 16th Building, Dormitory of Qibiao Block, Hongshan District, Wuhan
 I am getting old, I always wanted to live happier! Some live healthy! Also with my husband for travel to visit relatives, see here and there to shop. How wonderful! However, the frail old age and frail health is a rare dream. We have long wanted to buy a consumer without follow-up, secure, reliable, easy to operate, easy to carry the therapeutic instrument! Investigation by many, and finally selected the Bluelight.
Last spring, I went to the Bluelight corporate headquarters purchased BL-EX therapeutic apparatus, experts and professors on the scene and model home repeatedly detailed reading "instruction" and the "Guidelines for the treatment of health" after beginning treatment. Several treatment, summing up: Another treatment, and summary. Preliminary experience of the instrument can cure without side effects can be achieved instrument to the disease or disease to be light.
In the course of treatment, also found the equipment, self-adhesive patch that electromagnetic contactor and pedicure shoes of positive and negative cross-able using. For example: Contact cathode electrode can be assigned patch treatment, he can contact anode cathode pedicure shoes allocated to medical treatment, etc. The treatment process is not easy fixed contact the use of such methods when using cross on the more flexible their treatment when is even more convenient.
One, my water electromagnetic therapy
1. Water electromagnetic bubble foam hands full therapy:
In accordance with the "Guide for Health" to prepare his hands soaked in from the higher caps to warm water, from posture and bipedalism on the floor, soaked in warm water to the racks, pots were Add positive and negative contact. Due to the need to balance between the hands mighty strength of the electrode must be hand contact with the cold polar patch affixed to a self - (I was treating both cerebral infarction to patch affixed to the wind House). Then, twist knobs to moderate intensity, do 15-18 minutes on the trip. Finally, the bubble of water to wash their hands washed, soaked feet washed legs, a healthy.
2, water bath with the new electromagnetic therapy:
In accordance with the "Guide for Health" bubble butt ready: big plastic tub (bucket), and another plastic basins were dumped into the appropriate warm water, the contact points home were threatened. People sit in warm water tub, both hands biped diffuse into another plastic washbowl warm water, the opening nine minutes of moderate-intensity. After the finish, which washed out with the bath new cookie and more favorable fitness.
Two, for medical treatment
1, I left an 8 × 15mm lacunar infarction, in 1995 after hospital discharge, not erasing CT scan. The proposed treatment programs are as follows:
(1) A day to drink more water activation.
(2) The daily France's two in the evening hours, so the water bubbles electromagnetic therapy foot foam hands.
(3) A negative sticky patch in the wind House. Open six minutes of moderate-intensity, positive contact with the 100, four god-tsung relievers mobile treatment.
(4) Adequate trample anode pedicure shoes, using cathode contact point pressure Taichong. Medium intensity three minutes. Biped can also treatment, but contact with Taichong must be corresponding pedicure shoes Contact very different.
Six months after treatment adherence, cool, eat, sleep-walking easily, in order to prevent stroke, is still sticking to the treatment.
2, I Jingwo after long relied on the right-swollen pimple. Wind sticky patch in the House, the surface of the skin into the vinegar very different electromagnetic contactor, higher intensity of 3 minutes, twice daily, effective secondary, three days recovery.
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