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Bluelight therapeutic apparatus Is Really Mysterious

blue-light / 2011-02-23
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Bluelight therapeutic apparatus Is Really Mysterious That strengthens the body

Author: Yao Zhengying   Female     59-year-old       ID Card: 420122194703182040
Phone: 027-61351978   Address: Entrance 2, 3rd Floor, Hepingli, Jianghan District, Hankou, Wuhan
 I have no jobs, no medical insurance units, no pension, medical care, expensive drugs, I was one of the biggest problems. I was 60 years of age, suffering from cataract, cervical disease and knee pain, stomach pain, breast hyperplasia, low back pain, omarthritis etc. disease. Since the purchase of Bluelight Eight-Diagram treatment device, I adhere to daily treatment, in accordance with the "Guide for Health," a book on a map of the problem, the daily insisted Soak foot, three months after a miracle had occurred, the above conditions have markedly improved, is a Bluelight house, not nervous hearts, indeed do not leave! Now I feedback effects of treatment are as follows:
 1. Eye disease cure. I bought an eyesight goggles, daily treatment adherence 1-2 times. Eyes blurred version cured, is not afraid of the sun during the day to stimulate the evening, photophobia of eyes watching television or a.
2. Cervical cure disease. Before headache, dizziness, neck ridge is often hard, and to put severe pain at the bow. Through the use of the Bluelight treatment, I feel better.
3. Knee Rheumatism 30 years. Particularly in 2003 and 2004 in winter, the pain is unbearable. I'd have lasted on the hospital. Through Bluelight treatment, the winter of 2005 there will be no disease, the legs walk very interesting. This really would like to thank the Bluelight.
4. Ten years of gastropathy. Each pain up not sleep all night, also the middle of the night several times to eat pharmacies to buy the drug, since the Bluelight gastropathy never made that the Bluelight magical!
5. Breast hyperplasia. 1994 to a hospital bilateral hyperplasia, and they batter, eat a lot of pain Ruheshanjie films, 11 hospitals have their own system of liquid medicine, five kilograms of pot of Chinese, I do not know how much to eat pot, it was not improved. Through Bluelight treatment, batter becomes soft, and not the pain, Bluelight instrument really effective!
6. Low back pain. Podiatry with Bluelight shoes do Shenshu Committee, backs a lot better now, we insist every day to do something really convenient!
7. Beriberi. The daily insisted foot foam hands, cold winter fast, I specifically for the two warm packs, two basins on the warm bag, and put on warm water in a pot covered with two plastic sheeting, a cut from the middle holes, then put hands to the pots inside, not a water cooler hours. First Soak 18 minutes, the water dripping become activated water, one took out a ladle full of water to wash the faces of the dot disappear; Another took out a ladle full of washed pants, gynecological disease better; Then the bubble feet 18 minutes, beriberi cure, and even if I did not, the hard cocoon is not a hands really smooth skin the dual purpose! Bluelight instrument real benefits!
8. Dental. I have the next two loose front tooth for years, and has been shrinking gums, but also eat apples and a small knife into a small can eat. Through Bluelight treatment in the past year, a miracle had occurred and that gums up the long, not loose teeth, mouth bite with Apple, have been held by Congressional, but also eat sugar cane.
9. My head is above three large white hair and scalp is white, after a meeting in front of a pharmacy, they are promoting hair turned into black hair leaflets, then let them look at my scalp, he said this is my vitiligo. I did not buy their products, according to the Bluelight home with a professor of lectures and "health treatment guidelines," the daily insisted and now white-haired, had three large white skin was gone, and the Bluelight amazing!
10. There are many diseases : such as influenza, dental, oral ulcers, angina, beriberi, archives, etc., with a Bluelight instrument like to do to solve my worries, as long as doing daily drinking water activation, adhere foam will be able to hand a foot long with about health.
Above I used Bluelight Eight-Diagram treatment of a variety of diseases Instrument Experience and expertise feature article, I said the company's leadership and staff grateful for this!
Ray magical, young and old all benefit.
To cure-all, and also physical fitness.
The untold benefits for the inventor.

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