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Physical therapy Channels to Cure Thousands of Diseases

blue-light / 2011-02-23
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Physical therapy Channels to Cure Thousands of Diseases Balance Yin and Yang to Treat Hundreds of Illnesses

Author: Gong Zhongke    Male     72-year-old    ID Card: 422429340516179
Address: Anti-schistosomiasis Station, Wangchang Town, Qianjiang
I am a retired veteran cadre, I often listen to radio Hubei noon 11:40 pm Bluelight expert seminars; Feedback rehabilitation patients make telephone "ailing" nicknamed "medicine jar," I re-establish the confidence to overcome the disease. Last June my wife and one of the designated Qianjiang Kwong Wah rejuvenate large pharmacy to buy a digital Bluelight octagonal treatment device, it miraculously cured of my five-year history of the killer known as the first "hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart cutter disease, myocardial infarction." Because I made a year and three went to the hospital where drugs cost up to 30,000 Kivu more than 1,000 yuan. Since last year I accept it after treatment, often in the winter and spring made the disease no longer made by the famous local hospital indicators normal.
"Bluelight instrument nosy" magical effect conquer me, as I have a guardian angel. I delight his wife, also try to treatment, the Bluelight will be years of her lumbar muscle strain, rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, colitis, January 1 cured. She was pleased to introduce people who were close to the Bluelight, they were augmented bought eight units after treatment, reflecting the effect of a very good one I particularly pleased.
Around some comrades did not wage a difficult life, I take the initiative to ask after accordance with the manuals, and the guidance of Director Zhou stresses facing treatment on January 1, the majority of respondents completely cure, they say, I met with my good and thanked me, saying that I was a real cure doctor, I said: "You should be thanks to the Bluelight, the headman of treatment is to cure your instrument."
Here, I would like to thank the inventor of the Bluelight, Bluelight thank all the staff, I had contact with Bluelight octagonal treatment device, to understand it, like it, and now can not do without it, I will cure it the good results to those diseases is enduring the torture, to use a Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus friends.
Sick, bought Bluelight, size-fits-all, gossip instrument.
Chang insisted that ground treatment, the elderly, it separated.
Treating illnesses and disease prevention, the juvenile, the protector.
Qualcomm passages to the root causes and Point right, chopped disease.
Bluelight God, is beautiful, the people, to send health.

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