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The Parents Gives Me Life, Bluelight Rehabilitation product

blue-light / 2011-02-23
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The Parents Gives Me Life, Bluelight Rehabilitation product Gives Me Health

Author: Zhang Honghao     
Male     60-year-old    
ID Card: 422721460813421
Phone: 0717-8229592
Address: 3rd Floor, Grain Dormitory, Zhangjiakou Village, Huanghua Town, Yiling District, Yichang
I bought “Yidiantong” Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus originated in Hubei People's Radio's "Voice of the Bluelight health."
From November 2003 to December 2004, I took a year to study the various functions of the instrument, efficacy, only "Bluelight" left me a deep impression. "Bluelight health Voice" -- the professor talks and the various user feedback, let me right Bluelight octagonal therapeutic apparatus with perceptions. I often went to 46 kilometers from the Yichang City Bluelight stores and large-scale activities to come to the scene to experience and participate in activities and exchanges with patients, it is so right Bluelight has a deeper understanding. Through repeated comparison, the final selection of the headman of the Bluelight therapy machine. Although I live in the poorer areas, a small San traffic inconvenience, let alone direct mail. Even more difficult, can not shake my determination. I on November 28, 2004 to walk more than 10, then by public bus to more than 60 li uncles brother outside the residence where ZHANG Hong-min Treasury river town offices of a mail-order "alike" Diagnosis and Treatment Instrument.
No wonder, with a usually see! Through more than a year of use, I can appreciate the Bluelight octagonal instrument very useful, convenient and fast, is a high-technology products. I used to frail health, lost soul, for himself and his family brought a lot of trouble and suffering. Bluelight is suffering from my liberation, it cured my hypertension, cervical disease, prostatitis, omarthritis, constipation, cold. Also love cured insomnia, constipation, omarthritis, influenza and other diseases.
In particular, in July 2005 a day, bringing under severe abdominal pain suddenly, I use electromagnetic Contact her treatment Zhongwan, gas sea, Guan Yuan, Ashi point. Five minutes later, the pain gradually eased. The purchase is a whole family of application, I in the treatment method, through the practice of more than a year of probing, using chronic fighting a protracted battle, fighting acute blitz warfare strategy, the overall work, focused on the treatment of the upper and lower levels to work, local treatment. To enable people from around the disease, I also helped 12 patients with the flu, abdominal pain, headache, pain, abdominal pain, insomnia and other diseases, introduced them to buy 2 units "alike" so that they have felt a Bluelight octagonal device for the magic answer.
More than a year through the use of Bluelight octagonal treatment device, personally feel it is "not six, six nil" function. That is: not the hospital, not the doctors, Unilever, take medicines, no drug kits, at no cost. No pain, no injury, no side effects, no cross-infection, long-term dependence on drugs without treatment, without expensive drugs, can dredge Meridian, balance the Yin and Yang, Juxian, it is really a green high-tech products. I sent out heart : thank Bluelight! Thank Lo invented such a good high-tech products! I participate in the Bluelight ranks and become proud members of the Bluelight, this is not only Hubei pride! More Chinese people's pride! Really "Bluelight to my house and the whole family was inspiring." I have the following understanding:
1. Ray adhere to the study "Health treatment guidelines," a book study with application;
2. Always listen to the Bluelight lectures, listen to feedback from patients;
3. Come to insist on participating in large-scale activities, and exchange of experts patients;
4. Daily treatment of three days of fishing, two days of drying network;
5. Activation insisting drinking water, daily foot bubbling waters;
6. Insist peacetime maintenance of their own body, the saying goes : one-third rule 3.07 custody;
7. Bluelight services wholeheartedly thank each ray and sent experts to specialize in Yichang staff with the right care, really "into the Bluelight door, is a person."

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