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The Wonderful health product and Magical Pillow Do The Merit

blue-light / 2011-02-23
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The Wonderful health product and Magical Pillow Do The Merit Two Old Sixty-Year to Spit Fragrance

Author: Zhang Lieyan     62-year-old    ID Card: 422129441102331 
Phone: 0713-6642115  Address: Xinmiao Street, Siwang Town, Wuxue
My husband and wife is one to many diseases. I suffer from persistent insomnia, often could not sleep all night, sleeping eating effect. A serious bronchitis, chest often depressed, throat difficult for you to cough up phlegm, sputum Mo always night in Montreal. Penicillin streptomycin 111 days, after still relapse. Gastropathy also unhappy, hungry pain, the pain is also saturated. Western medicine often eat, but also very authoritarian medicine, the unilateral rule. Low back pain more than taste attack, lying in bed a few days may not stand up, a good point to get up tight and benches mobile body. With plaster, bar acupuncture, massage and cupping, each method has been used, these diseases bothered me for 20 years. His wife antihypertensive drug three times a day, a day not stop Lumbal vertebra attack than I had the unpleasant experience.
Days without leaves people a way out. One day in 2004, my friend's home to hear the occasional radio broadcast of the "Bluelight health Voice." Discuss back with his wife, she replied : "Now more than false advertising, which is embedded proud parent." Last July, my daughter bought me a radio. I have the sense to listen to "Bluelight health," The Voice of the total domination of Romania is patiently for patients to answer questions. Listen, I called his wife, told her : "Our previous treatment with the least 5,000 or 6,000, but this may be our good luck, and see what happens." On August 28, I put the money saved for two years to buy back the remittances "alike."
"Health, finding Bluelight," his wife assured of a smile : "I will speak!" I am pleased to familiar with brochures about that. Always uncomfortable throat, Lo told us to cure the disease winter, I would first rule bronchitis. The first group Point, Shanzhong sudden pain, according to a contact, throat like pulling the cork of the skin tube to clear, Ma flaky comfortable, and extremely uncomfortable. Then a few groups point, so even a few days, to stop coughing, sputum also less. One day I onset of low back pain, bending continue hospital. Because I know "alike" efficacy, not psychologically nervous. After dinner, sitting on the bench (because do not know lying cured), the posterior part of the Contact playing an "uphill battle." Then jump in the ring Rank edge to beat out a number of "guerrilla warfare." Although the "position" well, "Commander" has confused mind, but the results are pretty good. This day four, adhered to the five days, lumbar extension, the pain. Gastropathy check some doctors say is gastritis, some said yes Gastroptosia, stomach cramps, etc..
I use the Contact register book, "Three Mile stay seems the" hold up "approach", and then Zhongwan beam doors, Tianshu Series Tianshu, Shanghuan-Dove-tail, Liang Chiang Liangqiu everyone "checkmate." After a pain on governance, I never made, insomnia is water electromagnetic Foot reflexology three groups plus two points and the top good results. Now drowsy sleep and woke up six hours, if not get up and immediately entered the sweetest dreams. Omarthritis find a Point "affixed" Hope. His wife hypertension dropped from the original 170-100 130-80, drug stopped, looked on the night settles magnetic pillow to sleep. Magical! Less than four months time, our patients are easily cured. Others said that I had black hair, smooth skin, like two people. I also feel the increase in food intake, the brain is also flexible, and pick 120 jin burden no problem. The whole family is not cold and has never been in the hospital.
I am really lucky! I have to Bluelight nosy therapeutic apparatus are happy! For its own use Bluelight will be very healthy and happy!
The magical effect of the Bluelight rescue me, and the Bluelight were actively taking part in a beautiful soul infection me! I also vigorously propagate the Bluelight, which are not suffering from the disease extricate people and enjoy the Bluelight Electro Acupuncture, to have a healthy.

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