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Practice Medicine Do Good Works: therapeutic apparatus

blue-light / 2011-02-26
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Practice Medicine Do Good Works: therapeutic apparatus 

Author: Hu Shaofu      Male     60-year-old     ID Card: 420104194609082411
Phone: 027-84691890  Address: Room 402, 18 Longdengli, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Go hard, your doctor, drugs and all sorts of high costs in check throughout flooded. This is a patient unbearable. In particular, the majority of the working-class and poor patients even worse, because many people are unable to pay for expensive medical costs tend to be small carrying disease, serious illness trailer, releasing dangerous ill!
The good news is: Bluelight octagonal instrument majority of patients urgently need, and to the majority of patients are thinking, emerged to solve the weaker social groups medicines your doctor difficulty of the question.
We are a Bluelight octagonal device for beneficiary families to five years, we have a ray of love in and through water electromagnetic Foot reflexology and do fill eight points, improving the body immunity, basically away from the cold-treatment of the common cold this one, and the family would save a thousand dollars.
Also, I used Bluelight cured me of the old couple cervical spondylosis, omarthritis, low back pain. Acute sprained right can be said to be instrument to the disease, quick. Over several diseases, we saved several thousand dollars.
Ray used before I suffer from insomnia, multi-doctor spent more than 2,000 yuan exhausted by using Bluelight, a foot, so the wind pool, such as being able to sleep Point, 15 days will have a significant effect, I now eat incense sleep is good.
Summary : I summed up the Bluelight phrases : medical treatment, quick, lectures, and cost the province. In order to prove the above 12 words, I used the personal testimony cases, the efficacy of using words.
In July 2003, I fell careless riding a bicycle in his left shoulder clavicle fracture. Hospitalization done fracture reduction surgery, 12 smallpox-six thousand dollars I had all the savings, then chest filled with fluid activities restricted, not recumbent only sat for me to the doctor in charge of the preparations I effusion chest out, because they are unable to pay for the expensive medical charges, ranging from pumping me up on the line to the hospital. After returning home, I use the Bluelight done Zusanli, gas sea, Guan Yuan, Shenque, rank odor, three times a day, high-dose, and that unilateral foot foam hand, the condition is better than one day. 15 days longer film review, the results of all of chest fluid absorption. The physician in charge was surprised asked me : "Do you not a medicine, two non-residential, how fluid absorption so fast?" I replied : "I was nosy ray absorption of therapeutic instrument."
Because of heavy injuries, the left upper extremity activities completely restricted, and even bowls are fixed end, I continue to use the Bluelight done Dazhui, foreign customs, the most-chuen, Qu pool, the Labor Temple, 15 days on the right hand can give half a month later to be cited shoulders, two months after it span, three months after cite overdone, and half years after swinging around, nine months after the activities freely. I worked out this account, if the daily physiotherapy on the hospital three times, takes 90 yuan. Nine months of 270 days x 90 = 24,300 yuan, is the Bluelight to me a second life, help me save the large sums of money.
Ray thanked the noble character and ethics, a special gift couplet, in a sincere gratitude:
He insisted: Practicing Medicine, Bluelight instrument to send health.
The one: actively taking part, 200025, general manager of love.
Horizontally: a different kind.

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