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The Magical Doctor Bluelight therapeutic apparatus

blue-light / 2011-02-26
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The Magical Doctor Bluelight therapeutic apparatus Cured My 18-Year-Old Disease

Author: Li Chengxiang      Male     50-year-old     ID Card: 422124195607250815
Phone: 0713-2993169   Address: Lijiashan, Shuizhai Village, South Lake Agency, Macheng
Men are subject to sudden changes of fortune. I was hit by a rock unfortunately in 1988 and my body under the waist was disabled. I had lain in bed for 18 years. I couldn’t take care of my own life and totally depended on my wife who was not in the least complaining.
I had lived with a desire for death rather than living until the last year. My life met a turning point. A friend of mine gave me a radio. I listened to all kinds of lectures about therapeutic instruments everyday when I was free. All of these instruments needed drug bags with high expense which were not suitable for me who was a poor man. One day, I got to listen to the lecture of “Voice of Bluelight” at 11:40 a.m. on Hubei Radio Station. Mr. Luo and Professor Zhou explained warmly and earnestly, and the users fed back information in details, who left their telephone numbers.
I had contacted with Bluelight users for many times. Through the communication, I felt that Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus was really effective, and it did not need drug bags without sequel expense, so the whole family could benefit from it for a decade as long as a family member had bought it. Therefore, I asked help from my relatives and friends to raise enough money and went to buy a set of “Yidiantong” Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus right away.
I hadn’t known the magical effect before I used it. My lower limbs became conscious after I had treated myself with it for half a month. My legs could even walk two months later. I couldn’t be happier! I needn’t my wife to serve me and I myself could do some household jobs. My neighbors were all pleasantly surprised when they found that I could walk. There were scores of people who came to my home for diagnosis and treatment everyday after this Spring Festival, they were even more than one hundred persons sometimes. Although I felt very tired, I was very willing to help my country folks get rid of illness. They called the Bluelight Apparatus “Magical Doctor”.
Owing to the help from the “Magical Doctor”, my wife’s long-term hypertension has been stabilized, and her cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, heel pain, hand weakness and toothache have been all cured. Her immunity is also improved.
I am really grateful to Bluelight for helping me and my family members get rid of the torture of serious illness. I want to tell it to all the people around who need health to let them enjoy the Bluelight’s care. At the end, I wish Bluelight could walk into an even more brilliant and magnificent tomorrow.  

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