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Bluelight health product: Again, It Is Spring

blue-light / 2011-02-26
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Bluelight health product: Again, It Is Spring

Author: Li Anqing     Male     59-year-old     ID Card: 420800470618061
Phone: 0724-2360879
Address: 48, Changning Avenue, Jingmen City
My whole family are very grateful to the leaders and experts of the Bluelight Company! You integrated traditional Chinese medicine with modern high technology to manufacture such good apparatus at treating patients' diseases, which has made great contribution to human health. It is Bluelight that sent us the second spring time, and we will never forget you!
I am middle-aged, diseases are unavoidable. My cold turned to be myocarditis, myocardial package solution set and aortic ectasia caused by misdiagnosis in 1994. From then on, my physique became weak, and I caught a cold often. I had to be in hospital for 3-4 times a year, I couldn't afford it. But my life met an important turning point in 2002, and my light of hope burned again. I listened to "Voice of Bluelight" on the radio by chance, and I got to know that Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus is a high-tech and effective family therapeutic instrument that can treat diseases without injection and medication. I also heard the feedback from many patients often, they have obtained the magical curative effect. So, I bought a set of luxury type of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus for a try. After treating for a week, my cold was cured. From then on, I insisted on the treatment every day, and I haven't caught a cold for several years. My diseases have been cured, physique improved, spirit enhanced, face glowed, and I have more confidence on life!
It turned to be the February of 2004, I felt acute pain in the abdomen when I was taking a nap. It was diagnosed as kidney stones after the examination in hospital. The doctor asked me to break the stones in hospital. I decided to go home to use Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus for treatment after consideration. The stones discharged from the urinary bladder just about 2 months later. My wife had suffered from a headache with dizziness for many years. I treated her for about 5 weeks with the Bluelight Apparatus, all her symptoms disappeared then. It proved that the Bluelight Apparatus is really a good modern high-tech product again, it is worth a "Family Doctor".
My oldest grandson is 9 years old. He often caught a cold with swelling tonsil. They spent much money on staying in hospital and injection. And my grandson got to be afraid of injections, his parents were both worried about it. My son and his wife didn't trust therapeutic instruments. So I treated my grandson with the apparatus for two months in the summer vacation. The magical effect really appeared that his swelling tonsil disappeared and his throat got unblocked. His parents were convinced, too. They also bought a set later.
Bluelight is the protector of human health. I would like to sum up all my words with four words: I love Bluelight Apparatus. I wish the Bluelight Cause could be magnificent and brilliant forever!

User Comment

Anonymous user: give point ( 2011-03-14 17:32:37 )
i want to buy two next time,for my ant and grandfather,that is so great.
Anonymous user: give point ( 2011-03-14 17:28:32 )
I have bought one BL-F for my father,and what a magical,he can walk slowly now,before he cannot even move ,we all feel so happy and thank you very much,chinese trodictional treatment is very good!
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