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Western Medicine Expert Felt Good on Bluelight device

blue-light / 2011-02-26
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Western Medicine Expert Felt Hard Bluelight therapeutic apparatus Cured Technically

Author: Tao Weizhong     Male     72-year-old     ID Card: 420124340709753
Phone: 027-86967248
Address: 10 Guanshang North Street, Yangluo Town, Xinzhou District, Wuhan
As people get old, many kinds of sickness arrive unexpectedly. In October, 1999, I had a sudden bout of cerebral thrombus and brain infarction with the numb left hand and two feet that couldn’t move. Through the hospital treatment, after I had taken the massive medicine and a large number of injections, I left the hospital not being cured yet. The main sequela includes: The foot turned lamely that couldn't walk normally; the mouth crooked with saliva flowing out from time to time. Experiencing such chronic diseases, I thought I could not possibly have the flexible and health body once again, because this kind of diseases almost never got cured examples.
It was unavoidable that I put myself under the black dog in despair as I thought about my later life with the sick body. But the news I heard coincidently filled my life with sufficient hope again-that is the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus with the magic curative effect that my friend introduced to me. I heard that the apparatus had a magic curative effect on many chronic diseases of the middle and old aged people and various other difficult and complicated diseases, and a large number of patients had been cured by it.
In March, 2002, I finally saw the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus which was called "Family Skilled Doctor" by the people in the Bluelight exclusive store in Yangluo, and I bought a Numeral Type Apparatus immediately to treat the sequela of stroke and hemiparalysis. The "Family Skilled Doctor" showed the magic curative effect after a month in my family to cure my crooked mouth and the saliva no longer flowed out. I followed up the victory to treat my diseases directly, and my lame leg was completely cured after several treatment courses. Unconsciously, my body became stronger day by day. My feet can walk freely like a bird now, which seem absolutely not to belong to a man over 70 years old. What surprised me more is that there has been a complete heap of black hair on my head in stead of the white one as I began to use the Bluelight apparatus, and my state of mind is pretty good, too. I have been also honorably invited to be the healthy consultant by the Bluelight exclusive store in Yangluo and elected for a member of the Party Branch Committee by the neighborhood committee at the same time to continue to contribute my remnant power to serving for the people, which made me praised by the people around. I know that all these are because of Bluelight.
Furthermore, Bluelight has made my whole family all enjoy the health and happiness. My second son Tao Guoping had suffered from kidney stones for more than 10 years, and he tried hard with countless money being spent and infinite bitterness being tolerated but failed to cure his frequent lumbago. After using the Bluelight apparatus for 62 days, on May 18, 2002, he discharged a 1.5 cm stone when urinating (the stone is being kept in Yangluo Bluelight exclusive store now), so that the pain of kidney stones was relieved forever. One day in the last July, my third son Tao Lianping suddenly fainted to the ground and lost his consciousness with unknown illness, but he regained his consciousness immediately after being treated by the Bluelight apparatus, which is really mysterious. My old wife He Dongxian had suffered from hyperosteogeny of double knees for many years. As she couldn't bear the frequent pain of the double knees, she had tried to see many doctors for it but it turned out to be no curative effect, the doctors called her disease "hard to be cured". But the pain disappeared after she had been treated by the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus for 20 days, and she continued to use the apparatus for two more treatment courses, then the hyperosteogeny was completely cured. The doctors’ conclusion of "hard to be cured" collapsed of itself.
All the members in my family are the beneficiaries of Bluelight. The Bluelight Therapeutic Apparatus has become the "Family Skilled Doctor" loved by everyone in my family with the fast and magic curative effect. Now we have bought altogether six Numeral Type Apparatus and four Luxury Intelligent Type Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus. The relatives and friends of mine and my neighbors all asked me for my secret that I cured the sequela of stroke and hemiparalysis and even appeared healthy, beaming and buoyant. So I positively performed the Bluelight's idea of "Health Communication, Wealth Creation" and propagandize the curative effect of Bluelight to let more people know Bluelight, understand Bluelight, and own Bluelight as soon as possible.
The relatives and friends of mine have separately bought 20 different types of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus through my introduction. I hope to propagandize Bluelight even better to enable more people to know Bluelight and get rid of their illness soon, so that they can soon enjoy the health and happiness due to the company of Bluelight!

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