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The Priceless Apparatus Cures Illness Fast in an Economical

blue-light / 2011-02-26
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The Priceless therapeutic apparatus Cures Illness Fast in an Economical Way to Bring the Happiness to Our Old Age 

Author: Mao Guorong     Male     55-year-old     ID Card: 422421510811401
Phone: 0716-8863514
Address: The 6th Group, Caiqiao Village, Mashan Town, Jingzhou
I am a Party Branch Secretary in the countryside, who has long been engaged in aquaculture and worked with water for many years. I had suffered from a variety of illnesses because of the long-term hard work. In January, 2003, I occasionally met Bluelight experts when they were holding a free diagnosing activity in Zhijiang. I did not hesitate to buy a luxury type Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus after a try of it. I will tell the curative effect of the apparatus and the experience on me below to any patients:
1. I used the apparatus to treat on the Taiyang and the Fengchi acupoints for nine minutes three times a day for three treatment courses according to the Guide; this cured my 20-year-old headache.
2. I had suffered from hypertension for two years then with more than 80 yuan a month for medication and blood pressure 180/120 mm Hg. I treated it combining with the high blood lipids acupoint therapy for 45 days according to the Guide, then the blood pressure dropped to the normal range120/90 without rebounding in two years. And I am consolidating it by treating on Quchi and Taichong acpoints; the curative effect is very good.
3. The apparatus cured my outworn lumbar muscles. The disease used to attack very often which was even more accurate than weather forecast, but it has recovered.
4. Omarthritis, arthritis, sciatica were cured, and have never relapsed.
5. My angina used to be quite serious; I couldn't speak for a long time. But it has been cured completely, and it does not relapse.
6. My arrhythmia, palpitations, shortness of breath, chest tightness use to be serious. I mainly treated on Shenmen-Shenmen and Neiguan-Neiguan two groups of acupoints with the apparatus according to the Guide, and they seldom attack at present. The best evidence for this is that I dared not to climb on the ladder to the roof in the past; I can do it now.
7. The apparatus cured my wife's arm pain, annex - yim, enuresis, motion sickness. Especially on May 15 of this year, it is found that there was uterine hypertrophy that was needed to do the excising surgery through a ligation sequels inspection. I consulted to Professor Zhou of Bluelight, he instructed me to treat on Zhongji-Changqiang and Chengshan-Chengshan two groups of acupoints; it resulted in the obvious relief of the disease. My wife was very confident in the treatment combined with the sitting bath proposed by Professor Zhang, and she persisted in treating with the apparatus twice a day.
The diseases enumerated above are the some that I cured. Now my eight-year-old little granddaughter can also operate the apparatus herself, and my 80-year-old parents are enjoying the Bluelight to carry on the treatment and health care.
My experience is: Determining etiology, Seeing Guide, identifying acupoints, and symptomatic treatment, establishing confidence and perseverance. Through the practice for more than two years, I have made clear two truths: First, treating on many points can cure the same one disease; second, treating on the same one point can cure many diseases. I have never treated on the slimming points, but my weight dropped 4 kilograms, and the distension of the abdomen disappeared naturally. Now, I drink the activated water for about two kilograms daily. I have a habit that I drink tea make it into the activated tea. My wife and I have not caught a cold for two years, and I think this is inseparable with the magic curative effect of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus. We are more than 50 years old and we are still doing the physical labor; our corporeity is pretty good. I also freely treat the people around, and they bought 7 Bluelight Eight-Diagram
Therapeutic Apparatus under my impetus; the reaction to it was very good. I enjoyed the process that I have learned much medical knowledge while using the apparatus. I summarize my feelings in the four sentences:
The Eight-Diagram magic box surpasses a skilled doctor,
The four generations under one roof can all profit from it.
The family doctor that it is, which is really convenient,
The guarantee it would make to our health and long life.
Here, our entire family would like to thank the Bluelight Company, the General Manager Mr. Luo to invent the high-tech medical product and Professor Zhou with fellow experts for your superb medical technology and warm service that has benefited the people and brought the Bluelight happiness to millions of families.

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