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Bluelight Electro Acupuncture Let Us Enjoy Our Old Age

blue-light / 2011-02-26
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Bluelight Electro Acupuncture Let Us Enjoy Our Old Age

Author: Huang Tingyuan     Male     74-year-old     ID Card: 420101320220431
Phone: 027-62825793
Address: 134 Liji North Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan
People are prone to diseases when they are old. My wife and I used to suffer from many diseases in our old age. We couldn't live without medicine and the life was very bad. Thanks to Bluelight Eight-Diagram Electro Acupuncture which led us out of the condition of sub-health and let us enjoy our old age.
When I retired, I found I had hypertension of 100-180 mmHg as well as migraine, and the cervical vertebra was uncomfortable. We also suffered from diabetes and prostatitis. We got to listen to Blulight experts' lectures on the radio in 2000. It didn't use medicine and the treatment was convenient, the whole family could use it. So, I went to the Bluelight Company headquarters to take a fact investigation and diagnosis, then I decided to buy a set of luxury intelligent type of Bluelight Apparatus. It was out of my expectation that my blood sugar lowered from 16.8 to 6.6 and my blood pressure lowered from 100-180 to 70-120 as I had drunk the activated water in the morning and evening, performed the treatment on feet at night and combined the treatment on the eight points for 3 months. I have insisted on the treatment till now. My blood pressure has been stabilized and my cervical vertebra can move freely. My prostatitis turns much better, too. What is deserved to be mentioned, the new product Massaging eyepatch played an obvious role in alleviating my migraine, cataract and nasitis. I believe that all the diseases can be cured as long as I insist on the treatment.
One morning in December, 2004, my gall stones attacked me suddenly. I felt severe pain in the abdomen and it became more and more serious. My underclothes were completely wetted by the sweat and I even couldn't speak in the pain. My 15-year-old granddaughter cried in a scare, and my wife called my oldest son in a hurry. I thought of the Bluelight Apparatus then, but the severe pain froze me in the deck chair, I could only sign to my wife to bring the apparatus. The pain stopped becoming more serious when I put the electromagnetic contactor on the abdomen with trembling hands. And it was alleviated after a minute. The disease was in control 3 minutes later. I was having my breakfast with ease when my oldest son came in a hurry.
My wife had suffered from nasopharyngeal carcinoma for more than a decade. She was weak in low immunity and gastrointestinal dysfunction after receiving radiotherapy. She was also prone to cold and suffered from lumbar muscle strain, neurodermatitis and pharyngolaryngitis. She was a bullheaded person and held no hope on her health, so she didn’t believe the apparatus could treat diseases at all. The good effect on me changed her mind. She began to try the treatment. She insisted on the treatment on points, drinking the activated water, soaking her hands and feet and so on everyday. Two months later, the first effect was that she didn't catch a cold, and her lumbar muscle strain, neurodermatitis and pharyngolaryngitis were much better, the gastrointestinal function turned normal. She can do household jobs energetically and live an interesting life now.
Thanks to Bluelight that we can be so healthy, and we like it so much that we cannot bear to part with it. We chose to use Bluelight "Yidiantong" Apparatus this year. We believe that it can protect our health surely well with its more outstanding functions and curative effect to let us enjoy our old age.

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