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Bluelight Medical Supplies Is Like A Treasure at Home

blue-light / 2011-02-26
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Bluelight Medical Supplies Is Like A Treasure at Home, Which Can Cure Illness and Preserve Health to Keep Your Physical Fitness

Author: Yin Xiaoli     Male     64-year-old     ID Card: 422427194208113697
Phone: 0728-3274895
Address: The Bureau of Finance of Guohe Town, Xiantao
One morning in August, 1998, I had a sudden bout of the cervical vertebra disease. I felt my head was dizzy and nausea as if the world turned upside down, and I felt sick and I vomited with a stiff neck that couldn’t move. Although my disease was alleviated after about half a month in the hospital, it often relapsed later, which brought me great pains and much inconvenience to my work and life.
It was just a fortuitous opportunity that I listened to the Hubei Radio Station of the broadcasting that Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus can cure the cervical vertebra disease and many other diseases. At that time, I did not believe it because there were various therapeutic apparatus advertisements all over the world, and I didn't know which one is really good. I follow the shopping credos of "Fear not know nothing, just to compare things" and "Compare goods not to be swindled", so that I went to some pharmacies in Xiantao that sold medical apparatus for consultation. I saw the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus in the Bluelight exclusive counter of Tongjitang Xinte Pharmacy in the Heli Road of Mianyang Boulevard, but I still suspected its curative effect. The pharmacy seller Doctor Li Min explained the principles to me that Bluelight Apparatus cures illness and keeps health, and he introduced the methods for using, then treated me freely with the apparatus for three times in three days successively in the pharmacy. My cervical vertebra disease had been therefore relieved in symptoms. I have finally chosen the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus, because firstly I believed in its fast reliable curative effect; secondly I could buy it with the suitable price; thirdly I could treat the disease without medicine. It may be said that I could afford the price as well as the use.
I spent 260 yuan to buy a fourth-generation common type therapeutic apparatus at that time, then I followed the methods on the directions to treat my disease for a month. My cervical vertebra disease and omarthritis had been really cured. In addition, my neck was not stiff and painful any more, and my shoulders and arms were no longer swollen and numb. Practice has proved that I had chosen the Bluelight Apparatus correctly with my good eyesight.
I have a friend who is an old Chinese Medicine doctor in my rural hometown. He had been suffering from the cervical diseases and spondylosis that couldn't be cured for long, and I introduced Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus to him, so he went to buy a luxury type Bluelight Apparatus in Xiantao. He cured not only his own cervical diseases and spondylosis, but also many nearby patients with the Bluelight Apparatus.
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