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Some questions on shoulder pain physical therapy method

Bluelight / 2011-03-21
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1. Question on Clicking and pain in shoulder:I have clicking and pain in my shoulder when raising it above my head. What should I do? This caused me much trouble. Can I use the physical therapy device to treat this pain?

Answer: Usually, clicking in the shoulder, especially when associated with pain, should be evaluated by a physician or physical therapist. Clicking in a joint may be due to a one or more of the following problems:
Isolated weaknesses in the muscles that control joint movement;Irritation of a tendon crossing the joint (commonly known as tendonitis); and/orInjury of tendons, ligaments or cartilage in and around the joint.Muscle weakness can lead to abnormal joint stresses causing further inflammation (swelling) and pain. Irritated tendons and ligaments can become chronic problems if not evaluated and treated quickly. And injury to tendons, ligaments, and cartilage may require an orthopedic consultation for possible surgical intervention.
A physical therapist will tell you what is causing the pain and clicking. Physical therapy may include pain-relieving and inflammation reducing modalities along with exercises designed specifically for your problem. Physical therapists work closely with orthopedic physicians and will refer you an orthopedist if needed.
If you don't want to meet them, another way to treat clicking and pain in shoulder is to use the Bluelight BL-FA Physical therapy device. There is detailed information on the user manual handbook showing how to do the treatment everyday at home.


2.Question:I have a shoulder injury diagnosed as AC Separation Class III. Because if a fall. What exercises can I do?

Answer: In a class III acromio-clavicular (AC) joint separation, two ligaments that attach the clavicle (“collar bone”) to the scapula (“shoulder blade”) tear, usually during a high impact force like a football tackle, a fall, or car accident. In these situations, the patient will feel a “bump” in the area at the end of the clavicle where it meets the shoulder. This bump is caused by the upwards movement of the end of the clavicle.
Treatment of an AC separation varies. Acute injuries are sometimes treated surgically to restore the stability of the joint. At other times, a more conservative approach of allowing the tissues to heal on their own is selected, especially if the injury is no longer acute.
If your orthopedist suggests a conservative approach, then a physical therapist will teach you the correct exercises to restore motion and strength. Because of the risk of re-injury, it is important to perform the exercises exactly as prescribed by the physical therapist and to notify the therapist of any pain or feelings of instability. Initially, the physical therapist may also use taping techniques designed to give more support to the joint. As the shoulder motion and strength increase, the physical therapist will carefully advance your exercise program, including the addition of functional activities to help you get back to your normal work and recreation.
And you can also buy some home health care products to make some daily muscle exercises, you may see the product Bluelight BL-F home health Care, this will give you more help, but need to use everyday just like outdoor exercises.

3. Question:Would a frozen shoulder cause pain to radiate down the arm to the fingers?

Answer:A frozen shoulder is not generally associated with pain radiating down the arm all the way to the fingers. Frozen shoulder is a condition characterized by stiffness, pain, and limited mobility of the shoulder joint. The pain is usually dull or aching and worsens when you move your shoulder or raise your arm. With a frozen shoulder, pain can radiate down the arm, even to the wrist, but will not typically radiate to the fingers. Pain may occur when doing simple activities such as brushing your hair, dressing and undressing, putting your hand behind your back, and sleeping on the affected arm.
A common cause of a frozen shoulder is prolonged immobility of the arm. For example, frozen shoulder may occur after using a sling for several weeks to recover from a shoulder injury, a broken arm, or a stroke. A physical therapist will evaluate the shoulder and determine the cause of the pain radiating to the fingers.
I recommend a visit to a local physical therapist for an evaluation of your shoulder. The physical therapist will determine an appropriate plan to decrease your shoulder/arm pain and restore your shoulder motion. This may include outpatient physical therapy treatment along with a home program of heat and stretching exercises specifically for a frozen shoulder. The physical therapist may also refer you to a physician for consultation if needed.
And when you have no time to go visit physical therapist, you can try Bluelight BL-EX therapeutic apparatus.


4.Question:Sometimes I get pain in my right shoulder (I am right handed), but only when I am doing some arm exercises like pushups and it often cracks/pops. And i like sports. Is this a problem that is serious enough to see a doctor or physical therapist? What do you think is wrong?

Answer: Pain with motion in the shoulder can have many causes. The activity that you describe, pushups, is one which places a compressive force on the shoulder joint and surrounding tissues.
Repeated trauma from such activities to a joint and/or surrounding tissue can result in conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, or an aggravation of an arthritic condition. The cracking/pops that you feel may be a result of those compressive forces in your joints. A physical therapist can help determine if there are problems related to joint mechanics, muscle function, or irritation of the surrounding tissues.


Anyway, daily health keep is very important. We should do some exercises and also use some physical therapy devices to help us conveniently.

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