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Treating Cellulite with Electro Acupuncture

blue-light / 2011-06-22
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Cellulite is a term used to describe the fat within our body that has the appearance of dimples. It is primarily found within an individual's thighs, butt, or the upper area of their arms. The fat accumulates within pockets directly underneath the skin's surface, which is what causes the appearance of dimpling. For those individuals who want to rid their bodies of cellulite without having to undergo any surgery another alternative is acupuncture once they have already participated in a diet and exercise regimen. This approach to cellulite has begun to increase in popularity over the years.


Cellulite is not a severe medical issue it is more of a cosmetic problem as the presence of it takes away from your skin's physical appearance. When individuals turn to acupuncture as a form of treatment for this cosmetic issue the treatment will consists of a number of needles being inserted into certain meridians. These meridians will vary among individuals depending on their weight, age, and certain genetic factors. In some situations the acupuncture treatment will also consists of stimulation obtained electronically. The more traditional forms of acupuncture treatment will consist of needles being placed directly into the areas that have the presence of cellulite. On average one treatment of acupuncture will last for twenty to forty minutes based on the individual's need. Acupuncture treatments will improve an individual's blood circulation, decrease their level of stress, and rid their body of toxins by improving their cells' metabolic functions.


This form of treatment for cellulite is thought to be safe as long as the individual performing the treatment is a qualified practitioner. The government regulates the appropriate needle use for acupuncture and has established that only sterile, single-use needles can be used by practitioners.


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