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solar home system

Cindy / 2011-07-02
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 The electrical energy obtained by converting sun light is called solar energy. This conversion is done by using collectors that are placed on the tops of homes or buildings. The collecting of solar energy is done by using solar panels made up of semi-conductive materials. Solar panels are capable of producing enough electricity to power the lights and electrical appliances in the average home after about 6 and 7 hours of collecting sunlight. If the sunlight is direct it may take less time to store the needed energy.


The amount of solar panels needed will depend on the intensity of the sunlight received as does the efficiency. Solar energy is said to be a lot cleaner than energy collected from coal, oil or nuclear energy sources, because there are no pollutants released into the air. Through technological advances these solar power systems have become attainable to the common man since the price has decreased steadily. It also has become a possibility for us to produce enough solar energy to actually sell the extra amounts back to the power companies, to make a substantial profit.
When you convert your home over to solar power you will notice an immediate difference between the cost of your old power company and the very small cost of the solar energy. The difference in your power bill and the effects on environment will speak for itself. Solar energy being a vast free source of energy which is emission free so there are no hazards towards the environment, is surely to become a very popular alternative to paying the power company every month.
The solar energy that is collected may be used for longer hours than most other energy sources. Once the installation is made you would not have any expenses to pay as the system requires very little maintenance. As long as you get enough sun light they seem to work forever. You can alternate this with wind power if your place does receive enough sunlight.
Solar energy in the home is a win win situation. You are being environmentally friendly as well as influencing others to begin using solar energy to power their homes. In this day of energy conservation and concern for the effect that human activity is having on our planet you will want to install a home- made energy system to give the environment and your wallet a break.
Using home-made solar energy is a great way to save money and the environment at the same time. If more people took the initiative to convert their homes to use solar and wind energy this world would become a cleaner and healthier place to live.
But pay attention, in your solar system, you need solar panels, solar charge controller(charge regulator) and solar inverters, of course batteries also.

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