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Relief from Hip Pain and Arthritis

blue-light / 2011-07-15
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I have had pain issues for some years. The first I remember is the arthritis in my feet. I’ve had that pain for probably 15 years or so. The doctors showed me the x-rays of the calcium buildup on the bones in my feet and explained there is really nothing to be done except pain and anti-inflammatory medication.
Four years ago, our 13-year-old 65 lb. black lab was unable to use her hind legs. We had to help her outside to potty with a harness that we used to hold up her back end. I took her everywhere with me, including to the office in the morning and home at night, lifting her into and out of my car. One day while lifting her into the car, I heard and felt a pop in my left groin area. It hurt like the dickens, but I felt if I stayed off my feet for a few days that the pain would go away. It didn’t. I walked with a limp, which was starting to affect my left hip and entire left leg.
Two years later, I finally went to my doctor. They did ultrasounds and MRIs and determined I had partially torn some ligament from my pelvic bone. They couldn’t fix it. They sent me to a physical therapist who had me doing some stretching exercises to strengthen the leg muscle, explaining that it would help with the torn tissue. It helped some, but the next two years were becoming unbearable (with pain in the feet and the leg). I walked with a cane if I had to walk a distance (more than a half of block).
I had gotten a new dog and was unable to take it for long walks. Even walking with a cane didn’t help the arthritis on my feet. I was taking 600mn ibuprofen three times per day and 975mn of Ascriptin (arthritis medication) between the ibuprofen. That only made it bearable.
In June this year, my husband and I went on another cruise (we love cruises). We picked our shore excursions by the amount of walking required. I made it quite well, but would have loved to do some of the hiking things we used to do. On the cruise ship, the spa had an acupuncturist. There was a free little seminar about acupuncture and what it could help. I went to listen, but didn’t really believe it.
In July, I had my annual checkup at the doctor. My blood pressure was starting to go up. He gave me 4 months to get it back in line using exercise and diet or he was going to put me on blood pressure medication. Losing weight would also help the pain in my leg and feet (I’m about 70 lbs. over a comfortable weight).
Then in August, I went to State Fair with my friends, hobbling around with my cane. BLUELIGHT company had a booth there. I took it as a sign from God. I stopped and asked some questions. They said it was possible I could be helped. I went in for my first consultation. Cindy was very funny. She was serious about acupuncture and her Bluelight acupuncture device , but made me comfortable during this visit. However, I still didn’t believe it would work. It just didn’t make sense to me, but everyone was so friendly and I was desperate.
Now, it’s the end of November. I’ve been going to use the acupuncture devices for about 3 months. The pain in my groin area is gone. The pain in my hip, leg and feet is nearly gone. In fact, most days there is no pain. I take one ibuprofen in the morning and I’m not really sure I need that. Not only that, but I had my November visit with my doctor and my blood pressure is well into the range he wants it. He’s impressed with the results. The “short tropical vacations” (I’m 67 years old) I was having 3-4 times per day have stopped. I used to wake up at 3:00am burning up- GONE. Bursitis in my wrist- GONE. Black Friday shopping was a breeze this year. My grandkids think I’ve gotten younger. I could write a book about all the difference this has made in my life. The only down side is that my husband doesn’t help me as much as he used to. He doesn’t need to vacuum for me, carry laundry or walk the dog without me. I even helped him clean up the trees and bushes around our house this fall after a wind storm. This Thanksgiving, I had to give thanks for Bluelight. They have made a real difference in my life. I have my life back!

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