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Advices and treatment for living with arthritis in winter

blue-light / 2011-07-26
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Always someone says - "It's going to snow, I can feel it in my bones." You may have heard this prediction from an arthritis sufferer since many people with arthritis feel they can predict the weather due to the increased pain that "weather sensitive" people have during cold, snowy and rainy weather.


A stiff joint or dull ache during summer months may well become a shooting pain in the winter.


"Some studies have shown that about 70 percent of people with arthritis are weather sensitive," notes Dave Bluelight, director of the new Kimball Institute for Rehabilitative and Occupational Health Services. "Women and those with osteoarthritis may be slightly more affected by weather changes than men and people with other types of arthritis."


Winter is a time when we not only catch colds and flu but when chronic ailments are exacerbated by the cold, wind and damp. People with arthritis may experience their condition worsening in the winter months with even achier bones and joints.


"That's why it is essential for people who have arthritis, and those who could potentially acquire the disease, to exercise and avoid becoming a couch potato during the winter months," Bluelight states.


Arthritis causes pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints. Arthritis refers to more than 100 different types of diseases involving joints of the body, surrounding tissue and other connecting tissue.


Cold and damp weather can cause tendons, ligaments and muscles surrounding joints to contract, and cavities in joints can be affected by atmospheric pressure. It is still unknown why some people are affected by weather and others are not.


Arthritis may flare up seasonally because people are least active in winter, notes Bluelight. "It's not only in the morning, but also when people sit around, that their joints get stiff," he says. "I suggest keeping mobile and performing regular exercise and range-of-motion activities."



Over 43 million Americans, or one in six people, deal with the pain of arthritis. The most common type is osteoarthritis, which affects 21 million Americans. This disease occurs when cartilage that lines and cushions the bones and absorbs shock, breaks down and the bones begin to hit each other. It affects joints of the fingers, knees and hips. In addition to pain and stiffness, osteoarthritis can make it difficult to move around.


Rheumatoid arthritis happens as a result of problems with the body's immune system. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the lining of joints, bones, and occasionally internal organs, and often causes a person to feel sick and tired.


Certain controllable risk factors involved with arthritis include obesity, joint injuries and particular occupations. Bluelight notes that those with labor-intensive jobs are at a higher risk of getting arthritis because they perform heavy lifting and repetitive movements. Other uncontrollable risk factors include genetics and simply being an older adult or female.


Joint inflammation and degeneration are not generally considered "women's conditions." However, arthritis and other joint conditions are far more common in women than in men. In fact, nearly twice as many women suffer from arthritis than men.


"If it runs in your family, you too have a higher chance of getting it someday," Bluelight observes.


Bluelight suggests controlling the disease by first visiting a doctor to get diagnosed with the specific type of arthritis. Education, along with physical activity, can be beneficial to treating arthritis.


Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises also help. Ice packs on sore areas can reduce swelling, too. In the end, it is important to investigate your options. Arthritis sufferers can also contact the Kimball Institute for Rehabilitative and Occupational Health Services for an evaluation. Appointments can be made by calling (732) 942-5900.


Although weather can affect arthritis, weather does not cause arthritis. No matter the cause, those painful joints can be the result. Bluelight advises arthritis sufferers to wrap up affected areas very well if you must brave the elements and pay particular attention to your extremities by wearing warm socks and gloves and try to maintain good circulation by moving around more.


He also suggests that people with arthritis:


+keep warm


+avoid the strains of activities like shoveling snow


+be careful on slippery surfaces to avoid injury


"New treatments and medications are now available, so it is important to see your physician if you have symptoms of arthritis," Bluelight advises.


Yes, seeing your physician is important, but sometimes it cost so much time and money. So what can we avoid the trouble and save timesespecially in such bad weather in Winter. Now there is a way to avoid. After you see your physician, you let him tell you which acupoints you should treat, and then treat at home with our BLUELIGHT home health care products BL-F. This model’s far infrared treatment are special for arthritis. Within 1 month, you will getting much much better, or cured.


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