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What are Good Effects from Using Solar Power?

blue-light / 2011-08-19
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  Solar cells, also known as photovoltaic cells, are used to harness the energy of the Sun's rays. The cells convert sunlight into usable energy in the form of electricity. The positive effects of solar power are numerous, particularly when compared with more traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels.
Once installed and functioning, solar power is a completely clean form of energy. It produces no air pollution and releases no harmful toxins or other pollutants. The production of solar cells involves some toxins, but the minimal pollution caused by cell production is greatly offset by the long-term environmental benefits. According to the U.K. Energy Saving Trust website, a typical home solar energy system could save approximately 1 ton of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere per year, or around 25 tons over its lifetime.
Solar power production is a totally silent process. The complete absence of large moving parts, such as generators or turbines, makes solar technology non-polluting in terms of noise.
Solar cells are very adaptable in terms of size. They can be combined to form huge solar arrays or used individually to power items such as calculators or wristwatches. Flat solar panels, therefore, can be made to fit precise space requirements, with no great wastage of space. With intelligent design and planning, they can be incorporated relatively seamlessly into both urban and natural landscapes, without creating an unnecessary eyesore.
Renewability is a crucial aspect of any green energy source. Unlike fossil fuel energy, solar power is 100 percent renewable, producing energy consistently each day via the light of the Sun alone.
Cost Effective
The issue of cost has two distinct sides to it, one positive and one negative. Solar panels are expensive, both in terms of large-scale solar production and small, home-based systems. The cost is often prohibitively expensive, a major drawback for governments and homeowners alike. Once installed, however, solar panels provide a free, continuous source of electricity, and the initial investment is generally recouped over the following years.
Low Maintenance
Solar power is a low-maintenance form of energy production. After installation, little will be required from homeowners in terms of upkeep and servicing. The panels need to be kept relatively clean and as free from shade as possible, but otherwise little needs to be done on a monthly or even yearly basis.

Economic Benefits
Of all energy sources, solar energy arguably has the potential to create the most positive impact on local jobs of any energy source, according to the Solar website. An increased demand for solar energy creates new jobs, particularly among solar cell manufactures, equipment installers, and solar cell technicians. Potential economic benefits also exist on a government level. Solar power production can be increased incrementally, meeting exact energy demands without unnecessary overproduction or wasted resources.

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