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Chinese medicine health care industry has developed

blue-light / 2011-08-26
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At present, China Chinese medicine health care system is not fully formed, traditional Chinese medicine health care industry, business assets and sell a smaller scale, the lack of new products, mostly because people are conceptually re-treatment, light prevention; people’s demand for health care depends largely on the socio-economic development, China’s current economic base is still weak, and health care for a long period of time will remain at the initial stage; policy support and the support of fewer laws and regulations is not perfect.The report recommends: implementation of traditional Chinese medicine “Three into (into the countryside, into communities, into the family)” project; by science advocacy to raise awareness of traditional Chinese medicine health awareness; formulation pharmaceutical and healthcare industries development strategy, its inclusion in the adjustment of industrial structure to guide directory, and incorporated into national trade statistics; improve the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries promote the development of laws, regulations and standards system. The characteristics of Chinese medicine coincided with the emphasis on the future of medicine emphasizing the prevention of governance, the promotion of health care development in the direction of a high degree of fit, Chinese medicine health care services and industrial development prospect is broad. Development of health services, development of Chinese medicine in recent years, the State Pharmaceutical Administration has organized a “treating disease,” health project in 17 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to determine the 46 pilot units, to promote a group of “treating disease “service methods, techniques and equipment, in the” treating disease “service institutional mechanisms, policy measures and personnel, institutional management and technical norms to strengthen the study and explore. Many Chinese medicine hospital medicine health services in the exploration and practice, such as providing winter and summer disease governance, cream side services, to achieve a good effect has been welcomed by the masses. Chinese medicine hospital services is becoming an increasingly hot topic of general concern for the community.In addition to Chinese medicine hospitals, community centers and health services have gradually become the main battlefield medicine. Community service centers and social service stations provided by the Chinese medicine services, from the previous focus on Chinese medicine, is gradually turning at the same time focus on prevention, health care and other comprehensive services, and actively use the means of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine techniques to guide residents to carry out health care. In many areas of Chinese medicine health care services have become the characteristics of community health services, where the choice of community residents to become community health service institutions important reasons. A sample survey showed that 53% of hypertension cases of the use of Chinese medicine interventions.In health education, medicine content accounted for 70%. Traditional Chinese medicine health-care industry, development of traditional Chinese medicine health care ideas for the guidance of health care products industry has become China’s an important part of the health industry. 
Many companies have developed a wide range of TCM health products and health food products, to traditional Chinese medicine health care ideas as a guide or traditional Chinese medicine health care ideas and modern science combine to form a health management model, is also gradually on the rise.
1. The number of enterprises and the annual output value is growing. The 20th century, the early 90s, China’s health-care industry into the high-fat phase. As of 2000, the National Health Traditional Chinese Medicine more than 1,600 manufacturers, accounting for more than 3,000 health food manufacturers for more than half. In the 28,000 kinds of health care products, 70% ~ 80% of the Chinese medicine health care products, annual output value from the mid-80s of the last century more than 1.6 billion to 30 billion or more. A considerable number of these products are sold around the world. 2008 health products exported 87.17 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 24.93%. The development of traditional Chinese medicine and health products is also very fast, Chinese medicine and health products include a variety of health-care bags, pillows, lotion, liniment, powder and functional appliances, such as a variety of acupuncture device,cosmetic medicine, jade roller massage, massage Amanda, jade pillow, medicinal pillow, health care cap, a variety of health-care waist bags, knee pads, eye protection devices, health care and so on umbilical bag. The development of these products inherited the Chinese health care culture, ill treatment, disease-free disease prevention. 
2. Health-care industry gradually standardized. The development of traditional Chinese medicine health food accompanied by the rise and decline of China’s healthcare industry. Chinese health care as an industry seen in the reform and opening up, the rise of the 20th century, 80 years, this industry, the development process of ups and downs. In order to strengthen the management of health food products, adopted in 1995, “The People’s Republic of China Food Hygiene Law,” establishes the legal status of health food products. Over the next 10 years, “health food control measures,” “Health Food General Standard”, “health food good manufacturing practices”, “health food inspection and evaluation of technical specifications,” “Health Food Registration Management Regulations” and other normative documents were introduced, so health food access, production, management and other links have been standardized. As of the end of 2007, China has promulgated laws and regulations in more than 120 health food department.As of 2008, China has the approval of health food products 9613, more than 1,600 health food production enterprises, the annual output value of more than 1,000 billion yuan. Problems in Chinese health care system has not been fully formed in the service network does not improve the performance of the level of service varies; relevant policies and institutional imperfections; Chinese lack of health care professionals; demand for the services provided there is a gap with the masses, and so on.
Now, it is 21st century, the Chinese medicine health care products have developed so much, they can use the green treatment to treat disease. This is different from Western medicine.

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