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Electro Acupuncture Machines –Bluelight patent products

blue-light / 2011-09-02
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In an age when numerous lifestyle-associated diseases associated with unhealthy diets, constant stress and lack of exercise leading to a variety of illnesses & complications threaten to impede quality of life and longevity, many people are turning to non-traditional forms of treatment. When diagnosed with serious illnesses, people tend to harbor the alarming thought that chronic disease may persist, impair or cut life short, driving them to turn to alternative medicine for relief or as supplementary treatment.
One of the most popular forms of alternative treatment is acupuncture, a healing art dating back 3,000 years ago. Many people in presence society turn to acupuncture to address concerns like wrinkles, obesity, some bothersome conditions like abdominal pain, or other lifestyle-related diseases that threaten to take people before their time, not to mention complications of serious ailments. The belief which holds much water is that life energy flows through the physical body along distinct pathways termed meridians. Along these meridians are numerous acupuncture points. When stimulated by needles that are inserted in the body, they act as generators of life energy. This is how patients obtain relief for their bodily woes. The alternative to sticking needles into the skin is a method that more and more people are embracing – electro acupuncture. Developed in China sometime in 1934 as an offshoot of manual acupuncture using needles, it melds ancient techniques with modern science.
In contrast to manual acupuncture, what a qualified practitioner does in lieu of needle insertion is to stick electrodes to the skin surface. In some instances, a handheld probe is used. Carefully measured electrical stimulation is applied through these contraptions, which will then stimulate acupoints in the body. Most patients who undergo several acupuncture sessions say they feel much better. It’s a natural way of dealing with illnesses and addressing health complaints.
As a therapeutic approach for stubborn disorders, regular treatments using electro acupuncture may be quite effective, but as with other forms of medicine, expert advice and proper usage is still needed. Extra caution has also been raised for people with special conditions like heart disease.
Aside from the patients themselves, acupuncture practitioners derive may benefits from using such modern devices for their current practice. Applying electro acupuncture generally takes a few minutes, freeing up time for the practitioner to attend to a few other important tasks. The electrical device may also offer a stronger dose of stimulation (depending on the illness cases) without possible tissue damage that may be created by traditional needle manipulation. There is greater control over frequency and amount of stimulus that must be administered vis-à-vis manual acupuncture. The downside is that the doctor or qualified practitioner administering the treatment ends up not directly taking part in the entire treatment process and not observing all changes occurring in the patient. Nonetheless, high-tech equipment available in the market nowadays come with superior tracking devices and offer instant documentation and graphical analysis. There are quality selections at special prices that may even be obtained from online merchants.
For example:
Electro Acupuncture Machines for the professional and for the personal. A special selection of Electro Acupuncture units for personal use at home.

Electro-Acupuncture: An overview of how it works and why. Instead of inserting needles through the skin, electrodes may be stuck on the surface of the skin, or through a sticker. When the proper electrical stimulation is applied through these devices, it has the same effect as applying it through needles. This method is always preferable to inserting needles. This is known as electro acupuncture. The equipment for doing this is very similar to the equipment used for TENS treatments.Different frequencies of electrical stimulation cause different endorphins to be released, which can accomplish many results such as pain relief which sometimes lasts for several days. Electro acupuncture has also been effective used for addictive issues this includes all forms of drug addictions as well as tobacco and weightloss. We have a good selection of Electro Acupuncture units at discount prices and we provide fast shipping. You may 
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Electro-acupuncture shows promise for knee arthritis
A modern twist on traditional acupuncture may bring some pain relief to people with knee arthritis, at least in the short term, a small study suggests.

A study, published in the journal Pain, looked at the effects of electro-acupuncture among 40 adults with knee osteoarthritis -- the common "wear-and-tear" form of arthritis in which the cartilage cushioning the joints breaks down.
Electro-acupuncture is similar to traditional acupuncture, where fine needles are inserted into specific points in the skin. What's different is that the practitioner fits the needles with clips that are attached to a small device that delivers a continuous electrical impulse to stimulate the acupuncture point.
Electro acupuncture device provide us the easy, convenient, and fast way to treat diseases. Click here to see our video.

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