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Wellsee 80A New Products Won Focus Reputation

blue-light / 2012-07-16
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Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturer of researching and producing Wellsee solar controller,Wellsee MPPT solar controller,Wellsee solar street light controller,Wellsee solar inverter, Wellsee wind turbine,Wellsee wind/solar hybrid controller,Wellsee solar inverter with built-in controller,Wellsee automotive inverter,Wellsee solar panel,Wellsee solar battery,Wellsee solar light and other alternative energy products. Those products which have been approved by CE, IEC,RoHS are widely used in world solar system, solar garden light, led light, car electronics and portable instruments.


In order to meet customer’s professional requirements and promote the trends of further development of solar photovoltaic and wind energy markets, Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co.,Ltd has researched and developed new featured and representative products, including 80A WS-C4880, WSC2480 series PWM solar charge and discharge controller, WS-MPPT80 series MPPT solar controller and WS-L4880,WS-L2480 series solar street light controllers.


WS-C4880,WS-C2480 series WELLSEE solar charge controller (intelligent welslee solar photovoltaic controller,solar battery controller) applies to all types of photoelectric panels and batteries, MCU (Micro-Processing Controller) has PMW (Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency) 0~100% variable duty cycle process. It can provide the fast and best charging voltage and electricity from the PV panel according to the types and actual charging situation of the battery. It is different from other controllers as it has advanced man-machine interactive function so that users can adjust charging voltage.


WS-MPPT80 series Wellsee mppt solar controller has MPPT function, it can intelligently regulate the working voltage of solar panels and let solar panels always work at Maximum Power Point of V-A curve.It also has temperature compensation functions that can extend battery life significantly. The inside temperature sensor control makes performance more stable and functions more super.


WS-L4880, WS-L2480 series solar street light controller is controlled by micro-CPU and has the SOC (state of charge) battery system control function. It can intelligently sense the outside light. It turns on lights at darkand turns off lights at dawn or the fixed time. This controller also intelligently monitors battery charging and discharging. It will protect batteries by turning off lights automatically when the battery voltage is low. The controllers will float-charge the batteries by pulse-width-modulation (PWM) automatically as the batteries approach full charge.  It will cut off charging current to protect batteries from discharging through the solar panel at dark. The controller also has a protection circuit to prevent accidental damage.


Wellsee solar photovoltaic series products have more than 40 kinds which have been exported to lots of countries covering Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia for their high technology, perfect design, excellent quality and top service. The company has many famous researchers and strong production capacity with 600000 units per year, which can satisfy the requirement of all customers all over the world.

Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd is holding the value “market and customer as guide, technical and serive as support, quantity and development as the gole” and update products. Wellsee company is continuing commitment to technological change and product innovation while maintaining the speed of development, constantly launch new products to confirm the derection of the development, and boost the confidence of the solar and wind energy and other green clean energy industry. Wellsee is praised the true sense of “safe solar wind new energy innovation enterpise”


Welcome to be our partners.

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