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Health care--Tips for good sleep

Michael / 2014-06-28
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 Sleeping well enhances mood, memory, prevents disease and makes you live longer. No rocket science is needed to prove the benefits of a good night’s sleep. But lack of sleep is often a problem for many. Sometimes just a simple change in habits before bed, the pillow or mattress is sufficient to solve the usual sleep problems. Here is some tips which can help you gain good sleep:


Always use a pillow

The best sleeping position is on its side. Thus, the column stays away from the pain and muscles as well. The height of the pillow has to be equal to the distance between the neck and the outside of the arm. For those who sleep with their backs, it is best to take to bed a lower support, filling the space between the neck and back. The pillow should be replaced at least after every two years.


Avoid lying on your stomach

The person sleeping on stomach wakes up tired and sore all, because the face can not be sunk in the pillow. In addition, the thoracic and lumbar regions are affected in this posture.


Mattress without pressure

The ideal mattress for a restful sleep should neither be too soft nor too firm. Prefer the latex, which fit perfectly to the contours of the body, relieving pressure points.


Try to relax

Do not go to bed as soon as you arrive from work. First take a warm bath, try to relax, and only then go to bed.


Turn off the TV and computer

Light of these devices slows the production of substances responsible for warning that it is bedtime.


Exercise carefully

You should only perform physical activities until four hours before bedtime, or the body is still busy, impairing sleep.


Drink tea or milk

In the case of tea case, you must choose the right herbs. No black or green tea, rich in caffeine. Stick with lemon balm and chamomile teas, to induce sleep and improve its quality. As for milk, it is rich in tryptophan, a substance that helps the body relax and sleep better.


Make snacks

Make a meal with light foods such as asparagus, palm hearts, rice, potatoes, oats and soybeans. Making soup with these ingredients is an excellent choice. That giant steak should never be eaten at night, because the excess animal protein activates the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for leaving your body on alert.


Beware of alcohol

After a few sips, alcohol can loosen structures of the pharynx, impairing breathing. The result is snoring, which impairs sleep stages, causing the person to wake several times during the night thus a restless night.


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