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Be Careful of Diabetic Foot Pain

Micahel / 2014-07-05
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 One of the more common reasons that people are looking for pain relief in the feet is, Diabetes. Peripheral Neuropathy, by far the most commonly known contributer to diabetic foot pain.


Largely, what most people complain of when dealing with diabetic pain is sensory neuropathy. In these cases, just a touch to the skin, using a bed sheet or a sock or something minor can be extremely painful. You can experience this while experiencing foot numbness at the same time. Symptoms include, burning, a stabbing pain and tingling.


Finding relief is what people are looking for when they’re going through this neuropathy pain. First, you need to make sure you check your blood sugar levels over the past few weeks and see if you can find any trends for high results. Constant high pressure can result in this type of pain.


Massage your feet with a diabetic foot cream or foot roller. This can take a little bit of the sting off your pain. It’s often recommended that you use Vitamin B and there are several different types of prescription medications that you can see results from.


Try to use a cushioned or supportive shoe with foot support insertions to protect your feet from the grinding, pounding and rubbing irritations that come from this diabetic foot pain.


Another painful diabetes related condition is Motor neuropathy. This is where the muscles are impacted by the disease process and can make you feel very weak and achy. Usually the first muscles to become affected are the thighs and shin and of course, the feet. You can also experience walking imbalances when dealing with motor neuropathy. Which will increase the rubbing of the foot in your shoe, and callous formations, inflammation of your skin, general discomfort and pain.


Proper supportive shoes and inserts, can help you when dealing with motor neuropathy. As mentioned earlier. Doing different foot exercises, and massages with the use of foot rollers can be a great way to keep your muscles and joints from getting stiff.


Also using toenail oil and foot creams that are made specifically for dealing with diabetic foot pain can be essential when trying to prevent these issues.


When dealing with diabetic foot pain caused by neuropathy, it can show itself in many different ways. One of the common symptoms is a burning or consistent sensation of heat in your feet.


Tingling and Numbness is also a common feeling, and you may get the sensation that your feet are completely covered (as if you were wearing socks) when barefoot.


You may experience issues in different parts of the feet, maybe the toes down to the sole, or the entire foot may be subject to nerve damage.


Please be cautious and check your feet for any kind of calluses or blistering and anything that is abnormal if you are experiencing and kind of numbness as your main symptom, so you can avoid developing infections.


Another symptom is weakness, some people experience this when dealing with the pain of neuropathy.


Other symptoms include:

Impaired Circulation

Dry, Cracking Skin

Diabetic Ulcers


If you’re experiencing these symptoms, please contact your physician for immediate medical attention. The sooner you’re diagnosed for these problems, the better.


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