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Solution For Hand And Foot Pains

Michael / 2014-07-05
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 No person wants to deal with pain of any type or level of intensity, especially foot and hand pain. A person’s feet and hands are used daily to perform thousands of tasks so when one or both experience pain, life becomes challenging. Of course severe pain can actually become debilitating to the point of someone needing assistance with even the smallest of jobs.


Keep in mind that having foot and/or hand pain is part of normal life. For instance, pain occurs if something is dropped on a foot, from stubbing a toe, or smashing a finger while trying to hammer. In these situations, treatment would usually be simple and recovery time short. However, there are times when pain felt in the feet and hands is a much more serious problem, which is the discussion of this article.

We wanted to provide insight into some of the more serious causes of pain felt in the feet and hands simultaneously or individually, as well as viable treatment options. Remember, there are certain conditions that might produce significant pain but pose no real health risk while other times pain could be an indicator of something serious that would require medical attention. The following is an overview of reasons a person might experience foot and/or hand pain whereby immediate medical attention would be critical.


Some people experience chronic high levels of blood sugar, which is known as Diabetes. There are three primary types of Diabetes to include:

Depending on the type of Diabetes a person has, daily injections of insulin might be required to keep blood sugar levels in check. There are actually a number of serious risks that go hand-in-hand with Diabetes. Although Diabetes does not impact the hands, it can affect the feet in a very serious way. In fact, if a person does not properly care for the feet, even a small cut could lead to amputation.

The problem is that the body is no longer able to fight off infections in an effective manner for someone with Diabetes. For this reason, a tiny sore or crack in the skin could easily become ulcerated and infected. At that point, immediate care is critical. Obviously, the best course of action would be in the form of prevention but for someone living with Diabetes, it would be imperative to eat right, stop smoking, perform a daily foot exam, check blood sugar levels, and stay under the care of a reputable physician.

Specific to foot pain, someone with Diabetes should always wear clean, dry socks that do not cause pressure points, wear proper fitting shoes made of leather, suede, or canvas, never apply antiseptic or heat to the involved foot, and immediately advise the treating doctor of any changes.


For many years, Fibromyalgia was believed to be a phantom disease. In other words, many medical experts felt the wide range of symptoms were psychosomatic (in a person’s head) and not a genuine physical problem. Unfortunately, this meant that many people with this condition were not getting proper treatment. Thanks to extensive research and clinical studies, it has been proven that Fibromyalgia and associated symptoms are indeed very real. 

Although this condition does not cause pain and swelling of the joints, it does produce pain in soft tissue and muscle. In fact, the degree of pain can be quite intense for some people. The first step would be in getting a firm diagnosis and then trying a variety of treatments to find one or more that work effectively. Some of the more common treatments include the application of heat and/or cold, massage, over-the-counter or prescription medication, and physical therapy.

Peripheral Neuropathy

This condition is caused by nerve damage. In addition to being painful, it usually involves numbness or a burning/tingling sensation of the involved foot or hand. Although the most common reason for Peripheral Neuropathy is Diabetes, there are other causes to include infection, injury, exposure to harmful toxins, or metabolic issue.

In many cases of Peripheral Neuropathy, pain and associated symptoms would subside over time but there are instances when things could worsen. Nerve pain is unique in that it can be triggered by even a slight breeze across the skin or wearing socks or gloves. As far as treatment, there are now a number of prescription medications available to reduce the intensity of pain but in addition, the actual cause would need to be properly treated too.

Are you having problems with your foot? Does it hurt even when you’re moving very slowly? Is it hard to walk because of the pain? Here are some ways to deal with this kind of pain. Quick and easy ways to deal with pain at the bottom of your foot.

This type of injury can be caused by a number of things. It can be a simple muscle problem or maybe a sore foot. It is possible that it may be a tendon problem. But there are some cases where it can be a serious problem. However, the probability of this being a serious problem is a slim one.

Most of the time this type of pain is caused by a muscle problem. Our muscles can only carry a certain amount of weight. Too much strain on the muscles of your foot can cause pain. In some cases over exercise or lack of the same can lead to pain.

The pain caused by this condition may be because of an inflamed tendon. This means that a tendon in the foot is swelling due to an injury. You may have tripped over something that may cause swelling. It could also be possible that the foot is overstretched. It may have been stretched accidentally or due to over exertion. When this happens, this may cause a tendon to get irritated.

Obesity can also cause this type of condition. The bigger a person is the more strain his foot has to bear. Because of the extra weight, it is common for big people to have this condition. In some cases the pain is so unbearable that the patient is unable to walk. They will have to lose weight if they ever want to get rid of the pain.

For muscle problems, the usual remedy is rest. You have to stay off the foot for a while. If you really need to walk, there are creams that help ease the pain. If the pain is unbearable, you can go to a foot doctor for pain killers.

Even athletes can get foot pain once in a while. Some sports take a toll on the feet of athletes. Pain is something they have to deal with. For them, this is a sign that the feet need rest. It can mean that the athlete may need to take extra care of his feet.

Luckily, Bluelight physical therapy equipment can effectively remove hand and foot pains, which can save the expenses of seeing the doctor, at the same time, it is very convenient.

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