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WELLSEE new products launch,give strong power to new energy

Bluelight / 2014-08-09
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 Solar industry is not only a new hope in global energy fields, but also is a new important power of China's energy technology coming into the world.In future, the demand of  Solar industry market will increase, according to the worldwatch institute predicted thatglobal solar energy new power possible will reach 51GW in 2014.China PV enterprises need to achieve great development in the global market, also need to rely on high quality technology and products based on overseas new energy market, to achieve "success through quality" --the magnificent changes.


Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry co., LTD,is a large manufacturing enterprises which insist on developing green power, and always dedicating clean energy as own duty,  paying high attention to  environmental protection and improvement to promote national pv energy production, long-term commitment to professional research and development production of solar energy controller, MPPT solar controller, solar street light controller, solar inverter, wind turbines, scenery complementary controller, solar inverter with built-in controller, car inverter, solar panels, solar battery, solar energy lamp .And It has passed the  CE, IEC, RoHS international quality system certification, WELLSEE brand products are widely used in various fields such as solar pv system.


Since 2013,Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry co., LTD through independent innovation, one year research and development, finally introduced the mature technology with international leading level of "three stage charging series" controller WS - SC2430 WS - SC2460, with its unique "three stage charging mode" character, perfect design, excellent quality, standing out from the solar products competition, and products export to Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas and so on ,more than 50 countries and regions to win new and old customers consistent high praise at home and abroad market.


Adhering to the "human oriented and science and technology leading" development philosophy, attaches great importance to technological  improvement and innovation development, to better meet market demand at home and abroad, and feedback our new and old customers from home and abroad who support and trust  our WELLSEE products. Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry co., LTD.Four new developed products with high technology, high quality, cost-effective hot launched in midsummer 2014: WS - SC2410,WELLSEE intelligent solar controller (three stage charge and discharge controller,WELLSEE solar  controller);WS - SC2430B, WELLSEE intelligent solar controller (three stage charge and discharge controller, WELLSEE solar controller);WS - SC2430M, WELLSEE remote solar controller (three stage charge and discharge controller,WELLSEE solar controller);And  WS - MT58 new generation remote LCD control unit WS-MT58 which is supporting the use of that series controller.


WS - SC2410, intelligent solar controller, WS - SC2430B, intelligent solar controller, WS - SC2430M, remote solar controller, use the "three stage charging series" controller unique properties: applicable to all types of solar panels and various types of battery.Using industrial-grade MCU (micro controller), with PWM (pulse wide modulation) variable duty ratio function.Depending on the type of battery and charging of the actual situation of dynamic adjustment parameters of PWM, can from the PV panel to provide fast, best charging voltage and current, charging efficiency, at the same time prevent overcharge, effectively protect the storage battery life.This controllers are Completely different from the ordinary solar controllers, have a unique three stage charging mode: according to the battery charging characteristic, adopt "constant-current ,constant voltage current limiting, a trickle floating" intelligent three-stage charge model.Three-stage charging method is used at the end of the charging and constant current charging, with constant voltage charging in the middle.When the current attenuation to the preset value, through the second stage transformation to the third stage.This method can minimize the volume and better protect the storage battery to make battery completed fully charged.In the solar  system, coordinate the efforts of solar panels, battery, load, increase the function of comprehensive protection, to make the whole solar pv system with efficient, safety operation.


Meanwhile,The WELLSEE New Controllers have a lots of new features and characterize: WS - SC2430M, remote solar controller, increased the standard RJ45 interface can be connected MT58 by liquid crystal display unit or PC monitoring software communication peripherals, such as using criteria based on RS - 485 communication bus, the longer communication distance, the better communication protocol compatibility,current power calculation function and the real-time power statistical records.It is convenient for the user to check the equipment of the total charge capacity and the discharge power value, modify the control parameters,so that to meet different application requirements.

More value : a new generation, WS - MT58 remote LCD control unit, is a product with a communication protocol and the voltage according to the latest controller technical standard of form a complete set research and development.Through the liquid crystal display and the key operation, running on a single online controller battery voltage, charging current, discharge current, Charge AH, discharge AH, environment temperature and other data and working state real time monitoring;Browsing to charge and discharge control parameters, charging pressure, discharge voltage, the recovery voltage parameters setting;Rapid load default parameters;Quick stop charging, discharge unit.


The four new products above, all is the project invested greatly by Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry co., LTD.On the one hand is to contribute to the development of solar energy industry by making higher quality, more competitive products , on the other hand to feedback customers by developing featured products with new creative idea.Especially provide more choice and support for the general agent of friends, to achieve the goal of win-win.Currently, WELLSEE make a large number of advertising and promotion in the leading website and search engine, so far, has been a very extensive reaction and support.At the same time, WELLSEE is broad and deep understanding to the customer demand, to have a better grasp of market development direction, will play a vital role for the promotion of new products.WELLSEE Intelligent controller and remote controller new products will occupy more market share, consolidate,and it will have far-reaching influence and significance for WELLSEE leadership in solar energy industry.


Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry co., LTD always stand in the forefront of solar energy development, make efforts to provide customers with intelligent technology content of products, make the customers with the most competitive price to enjoy the most convenient technology.Believe that the four new product can  get the favor of domestic and foreign customers by its strong technical innovation and high cost performance,Title of "WELLSEE--The first choice of Solar"will be a motive force for Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry co., LTD to explore innovation, continuously introduce competitive and high-tech solar products, make efforts the enterprise through to the end,"innovation drive and green development" .

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