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Useful Tips For Anti Aging

Michael / 2014-08-23
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Many people wished they looked younger and felt younger. The always you do it are very simple. There are simple methods that don’t require any medicine or anything unnatural. But it is still amazing to see how many people still don’t follow the anti aging tips. Some of these are very simple tips, and you may already follow them sometimes. Make these following anti aging tips a real habit and try to follow them as much as possible.

Here are very simple things you should do anyway:
1) Exercise- Yes, this has been said many times and it’s only because it works! The more you keep your body healthy, the longer and healthier you’ll live.
2) Eat Well- Eat your fruits and vegetables. Make sure you eat your DARK green vegetables. Broccoli is a great example.
3) Eat more antioxidants- Antioxidants are really useful in slowing down the aging process.
Now remember, it is never too early to start these good habits. We all need to follow the fundamental tips since we’re kids anyway. Follow the anti aging tips to keep the aging process at a minimum (for a really long time).
You can’t exactly defy age altogether, but you can sure make it slow down by devolving good habits. Sooner or later, you are going to have to age, but following simple tips to make your lifestyle healthy can add a couple more years to your life.
Life shortening habits like sugar and refined carbs. Send us into the direction of aging. Also not getting enough exercise leads to us aging as well. Not only aging, we can really be letting ourselves get diseases that can be life threatening. So can you defy age? Yes. When? Whenever- It is never too early to start. So what are you waiting for? Start eating right; get exercise and life a long and healthy life!
Very Important tips:
1) Drink Lots of water – You must drink at least 8 glasses a day, if not more. If you exercise a lot, you might want to drink more than 8 glasses.
2) Have lots of vitamins and minerals. Also try to have lots of super foods. Make sure you have the vitamins or supplements that boost your metabolism. Also, try to make these healthy. Try not to have pills unless necessary.
3) Replace butter with olive oil- Olive oil is all around more healthier
4) Drink some green tea or black tea- this will help fix cholesterol and cancer.
Add some garlic seasoning to whatever you eat – Garlic helps lower cholesterol and prevents heart attacks.
5) Sip a little red wine- it will help lower heart disease risk.
6) Reduce nicotine- stop smoking and ditch cigars and cigarettes because all they have is harmful things that can cause cancer.
7) Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep. Sleep can never hurt. It will also help making your mind sharp. Sleeping more will also reduce unnecessary stress and try to do relaxing things to boost your memory.
8) Stretch often – stretch breaks will give you a rest and they will let blood flow through the body. 9) Whenever you have a minute, stretch.
10) Massage is very effective to make you look younger
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