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How solar power system works

Michael / 2014-09-13
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Solar power system changes photons produced by the sun and converts them into usable DC electricity. For a truly operational system, you need to include a battery array and an inverter to use the power in a form that we use every day.

Our buildings and equipment run on AC power. Alternating Current, not Direct Current, is what we depend upon the most. To turn DC into AC an inverter is used. The inverter changes the electrical power and creates normal AC current for you to operate appliances normally.
The battery array is used to store the DC electricity that is captured by the photovoltaic cells of your solar panels. The batteries are mostly standard car batteries hold 12V and depending on the size can produce "X" number of Amps for an hour. The larger and more expensive the battery, the more Amp-Hours you get.
Basically, you can think of a solar power generator as a series of different equipment that change sun light into usable electricity: the photovoltaic cells convert the sunlight into DC electricity, the DC electricity keeps the batteries charged, when you need the power, the inverter taps the battery bank and delivers AC electricity to you.
Often times a solar power generator is thought of in terms of operating small appliances like camping stoves, outdoor lighting and is sometimes used in emergency backup situations. However, there are very robust solar power generators that can supply a significant amount of power to commercial businesses. These have been used to power nearly all of a hospital in Haiti, they have been used to set up emergency power generation in disaster zones and they have found further applications in small island villages.
Whether you are looking to find a green solution to power generation or trying to supplement inadequate power for your needs, a solar power generator may be a possibility. Even using this technology on an industrial roof top could provide significant power to run refrigeration and lighting. Therefore, if you believe a solar power generator is a possibility for your application, consult an experienced professional.
Especially if you're alternative energy need is for industrial and commercial use, trained engineers can help you define the bottom line for such a project and make sure you get the right system designed for your needs now and into the future.
There's no doubt about it, as we move forward into the future, solar energy will become more and more important as a source of