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Bluelight therapy insturments,Ordinary Product, Great use

shirley / 2014-09-30
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 Author: Dai Chaozhong      Male     62-year-old     ID Card: 420112194409021518

Phone: 027-83093985

Address: 46 Zheng Street, Xingou Town, Dongxihu District, Wuhan


Bluelight is the old users, and the family are beneficiaries.


First, I thank the Romanian total, he traditional Chinese medical theories with the perfect combination of modern technology and creativity to the invention of Bluelight octagonal instrument!


Thank professor daily on the radio and on the careful guidance of patience! This to my family, to friends, to the neighbors have brought joy and health! Because we are two laid-off workers, in comparison and verification that the only fourth-generation general election-Bluelight octagonal therapy machine. This will be the ordinary type of instrument to cure 30 years of my arthritis, 1-2 cervical fractures, obstinate constipation, hemorrhoids, beriberi, corns, thoracic ribs traumatic shock. General ordinary type.


While a cure for his wife for many years intractable insomnia, nervous vascular headache, chronic superficial gastritis, acute foot sprain, lumbar 1-4 hyperostosis (traumatic, can not run). When directed to be an operation, and will have to spend more than 10,000 yuan. Because my father-in-law is an old Chinese medicine, surgery know the consequences, if mixed with the dynamic cauda equina, which will result in lower limb paralysis, and decided to conservative treatment, I will use the Bluelight "Yidiantong" insisted Point reflexology treatment and is now fully recovered.


For a small two-year-old grandson with Chiropractic acupoint therapy and treatment (to be small dose), the plot cure rickets and urticaria. Now he had a good appetite and eat pilgrimage day bounce and look lovely and lively!


This is ordinary Bluelight octagonal-treatment device, I do not know how much to save medical expenses, lifting the number of diseases pain! We laid-off workers, it is a timely help solve our medical treatment, doctors your question! Ray "Yidiantong" on early potential disease Early disease can predict, early treatment and prevention. Remove the worry! And only an investment, the whole family benefits for life! Without any drug charge, no secondary spending. Only points Point, and clear meridians. Hubei is of our folks are trusted by the high-tech products.


I talk about in practice several pieces of themselves did not believe the good news:


1. Use Bluelight for relative Zhou Jing-complete cure of hypertension. When he was diagnosed Tongji Hospital said at any time cerebral vascular rupture of danger. I insist expert guidance of the "three principles" Strength not too large, not too high temperature, period of not more than three minutes. Point straight points and water reflection of electromagnetic therapy, and more activation drinking water. Three days of fruit, seven days a normal blood pressure, adhere to the treatment of 40 days after the consolidation has fully recovered. Now, more than three years without medication, blood pressure from the original 240/160mmHg until now, has remained at the normal level of 120/80 mmHg. You can call him on the PHS certification FDA-62586848


2. the new station groove grain marketing money Comrade three-yu, who was only 48 years old. Due to the time, dizziness, only takes the chair during the day, not walking up and could not sleep at night insomnia, in the eastern Lakes Hospital were diagnosed as hypertension 160/100mmHg, doctors opened more than 600 yuan a drug at any time and again the possibility of a stroke. January ineffective medication, thinking the pressure is enormous. After being introduced after treatment to my office.


I first mental comfort and psychological guidance, using the Bluelight Intelligent straight points and reflection acupoint therapy, the treatment for three days, the symptoms eased, seven days initial success, continue to consolidate a month of treatment for sleep soothe the nerves, blood pressure of 120/80 mmHg resume normal value. Now he's feeling good, the spirit of frank, in the end of May 2005 has invested in summer grain and oil acquisition, his phone is FDA-83093182.


3. My neighbor Wei Gui De, acute enteritis. Seven from Rafah, medicine invalid. I use the Bluelight treatment, effective the same day, for two days to consolidate recovery. Another slight injuries mass aftermath, the hospital must spend surgery again over 1000, I used the contact point straight points and seven days effective, mass disappearance, his phone FDA-83093536.


4. My neighbor Liu Qing - age 39, engaging porters carry the packets, resulting in the left upper limb completely unconscious, not activities. After filming Tongji Hospital confirmed ,3-4 vertebral nerve compression. Hospital surgery will have to spend more than 30,000 yuan, but can not guarantee results of operations. After being introduced to me, but similar cases, I have never seen, not for treatment. Romania just happened in the total health talk radio host, consult with electromagnetic Jiaji contact from the neck of the Kunlun Mountains, the river is too reflective scanning and therapy, in January really see usually within. His body back folliculitis (thick shell sores) annual summer recurrence. I use the electromagnetic contact points Point, reflecting the activation therapy vinegar and water washing back, the two results, seven days a cure, his phone is FDA-83092545.


5. East New Restaurant Wang Guozheng, over 50 years old, suffering from gout for many years. Drug injections in hospitals invalid, finally closed with Pioneer and treatment, but only temporary relief. After being introduced to my office, I use the Bluelight Intelligent straight points and reflection acupoint therapy, effective for two days, the pain disappeared, seven days thumb swelling feet, 15 days cure, cure should be done after eight completed the consolidation point, his phone is FDA-83091591.


6. My old father-in-law, who is 80 years old and Chinese medicine, chronic enteritis more than six months, eat Chinese medicine, Hang peg, but has not fully recovered. The eve of the Spring Festival, He called me, I went to use the Bluelight after treatment intelligent point two (one day), very effective, and I helped him to buy a smart, Tu Chinese medicine and the number is: 0712 - 8283183.


Over five comrades were given to me pennants, cloth beacons and beacons to show gratitude.


First of all, I would like to thank the Bluelight companies! Thank Bluelight inventor Lo! Thank professor in the radio patiently guide! Ray thanked people for human health and well-being to make a major contribution!


We hope that the "Bluelight" light of science & technology to illuminate the province! Illuminate the country! To illuminate the world!

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